Mike Tyson Once Made a Boxer Quit in Between Rounds

During the prime of his career, legendary boxer Mike Tyson was one of the most feared fighters in the world. Tyson had devastating power and speed that helped him quickly rise the ranks as one of the most exciting attractions all of sports. His fierce approach to his craft along with his intimidating fighting style made him an incredibly daunting opponent for any boxer to go up against in the squared circle. That had led to one opposing fighter to elect to throw in the towel between rounds.

Mike Tyson’s intimidation fighting style

If there was one quality that stood out beyond the rest from Tyson in the ring was his intimidation factor.

No fighter possessed the aura around him like he did, especially during the prime. He was an absolute force of nature in the right that saw him take off to stardom quite early in his professional career.

Behind Tyson‘s impressive strength and quickness, he made light work of many of his first several opponents, with 12 out of his first 16 fights being first-round knockouts. That alone built a prestige around him as he was blowing through opposing fighters with much ease.

Tyson had his struggles with his often erratic and unpredictable behavior throughout his career, but it was his fighting style that attracted many fans to him. That also made it quite daunting for opposing boxers to hold their own against him with the fear that one punch could end the bout.

That was certainly the case against one of Tyson’s opponents that saw him bow out quite early in the fight.

Mike Tyson made Andre Golota quit

At this point in his career, Tyson was already well established as being one of the most devastating punchers in the ring.

He had gone through multiple ups and downs in his career but still was a must-see attraction at age 34 when faced polish boxer Andrew Golota, who had compiled a 36-4 record heading into the Oct. 20, 2000 fight. It quickly turned out to be another bout that promptly turned into Tyson’s favor.

He took control in the first round with his typical torrid pace as he pounded Golota. That included Tyson catching his opponent with a brutal 1-2 combination landing a sharp right overhand on the left side of his face near the end of the opening round.

Although Golota continued the round, he had enough with Iron Mike as he began telling his trainers in the corner that he was finished. He would venture out to compete for another two rounds, but he was already mentally checked out of the fight much to the dismay of his corner.

Golota quickly exited the ring after the decision as he was being hit with garbage and drinks as he headed to the dressing room.

Mike Tyson-Andrew Golota fight fallout

Following that embarrassing loss, Golota’s trainer Al Certo bore into his fighter by calling him a quitter. However, it turned out that the Polish boxer was dealing with a broken bone in his head that could have damaged his brain had the fight continued.

Upon learning that, Certo retracted his statement as he was unaware of the physical damage that Golota had. He didn’t fight for three years but continued his career for a decade longer after his return to the ring until 2013.

Meanwhile, the drama didn’t stop there with the decision on the fight changed to a no-contest. That came after it was revealed that Tyson failed a drug test due to a positive result for cannabis. Although the record of the bout has been changed, there is no question that Tyson punished Golota to the point that he quit.