Mike Tyson Once Won a Boxing Match While High on Cocaine

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has remained one of the most polarizing figures in boxing history. Beyond his once incredible ability in the ring, many different moments underlined the unpredictability that Tyson had with his actions in and out of the squared circle. That saw him live an often hectic life away from his craft that involved conducting some illegal activities that included the usage of drugs. However, one of those instances impacted one of his fights as he boxed while high on cocaine.

Mike Tyson’s unstable life outside the ring

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Mike Tyson put forth an impressive career that saw him display his tantalizing physical ability in the ring.

Tyson was a knockout artist as his finest as he often made quick work of his opponents. However, the success in the ring also led to questionable decisions out of it as he found himself involved in some rough situations as he did land in jail for three years for one of those terrible choices he made.

Tyson’s boxing career is what mostly kept him out of harm’s way, but he didn’t exactly make the right decision outside the ring he had picked up drug usage habits. It became a significant part of his life in the final years of his career as his addictions had been commonality for him that impacted his performance in the ring. Tyson went the route of being high during one of his fights and ended up winning the bout.

Mike Tyson won a boxing match while high on cocaine

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Although Mike Tyson remained a must-see attraction due to his knockout ability, his career was steadily heading off the tracks due to his erratic behavior and decision-making. That saw him be impacted heavily by his drug addictions in the latter stages of his career in the 2000s.

In his autobiography entitled Undisputed Truth, Tyson admitted that he even utilized a fake penis to avoid detection during post-fight drug test. That was the case as he took marijuana and cocaine before walking out to the ring against Lou Savarese in 2000. (H/T Jon Swaine of The Telegraph)

[Tyson] said that he was high before taking to the ring for a match against Lou Savarese in Glasgow in June 2000—and came up with an ingenious method to prevent detection by the sport’s official testers.

Confessing he had taken “blow” and “pot” before the bout, he said: “I had to use my whizzer, which was a fake penis where you put in someone’s clean urine to pass your drug test.”

It was only his third match following his comeback after a nine-month absence due to his short prison sentence for assaulting two motorists. Despite that being the case, Tyson made light work of Savarese as he handled him 38 seconds into the first round, which was the second fastest win of his career.

Mike Tyson’s bumpy path

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It hasn’t been the most comfortable path by any means for Mike Tyson, as he has worked through many personal difficulties.

Tyson has paid the price for the bad decisions he has made over the years that have significantly impacted his life. Through it all, he has remained one of the most polarizing sports figures.

As he gears up for his expected return to the ring, his previous life decisions will continue to crop up, but this time hopefully looked as learning lessons for him moving forward. Tyson seems to finally have control over his life in what has been nothing short of a bumpy road.