Mike Tyson Reveals What Made His Comeback Fight Possible at Age 53

The previous few weeks have been fueled with plenty of chatter around former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson possibly making a comeback. Despite his last professional boxing match taking place nearly 15 years ago, Tyson looks to be getting into great physical shape that has further brought more attention to that possibility coming to fruition soon. Throughout this process, Tyson has also been an open book about what has helped him get to this point, which he recently revealed what has helped him reach this point.

Mike Tyson flirting with boxing comeback

Tyson has remained around the sport of boxing in some sort or fashion, but he appears to have gotten the itch to get back into the squared circle.

The 53-year-old has made headlines over the last few weeks as he vigorously trained with his trainer Rafael Cordeiro to make the rounds on social media. Although he’s going through workouts in the various videos, the former heavyweight champion has shown to still have tremendous speed and power, especially at his age.

At the same time, Tyson hasn’t downplayed his interest in possibly boxing again for the sole purpose of charity for helping those in need during this troubling time. He has voiced that the training has helped him feel youthful while further positively helping his ego.

Beyond that, Tyson has also opened up to why he feels encouraged about his physical shape in his training.

Mike Tyson credits stem-cell therapy for potential comeback

What has been remarkable in this entire process has been how phenomenal Tyson has looked in the workouts that he has posted on social media. He doesn’t look like a former fighter that has lost a step physically despite being in his 50s.

That has led to his trainer to voice that he has the power and strength of a 21-year-old. The answer to that question may come down to his work with stem cell therapy that he has voiced has helped him feel great in his training over the last couple of months. (H/T The U.S. Sun)

“I could almost see through the blood, and then they injected it in me.

“And I’ve been weird ever since, I’ve got to get balanced now.”

There is much credence to what Tyson is stating as there are many potential positives to take away from that type of treatment. It has proven to help provide health improvements physically over time. The therapy is often used to help treat or prevent a disease or condition that typically is seen in the form of a bone marrow transplantation.

There isn’t any clarity in terms of what Tyson was utilizing the treatment for to help him, but it’s quite evident it has aided him in this process.

Will Mike Tyson return to the ring?


Mike Tyson’s ‘Unstoppable’ Feeling Has Him Considering a Comeback

There has been building momentum over the last few weeks that Tyson is heading back into the ring soon.

He has continued to hammer away at the notion that he feels excellent physically with all the training he had done over the last few weeks. He has also welcomed conversation about a potential third fight with Evander Holyfield if things work out in the manner he hopes for charity purposes.

It is also quite encouraging that Tyson appears to be an entirely different headspace than he was during his boxing career. That alone is playing a significant factor in his decision to pursue the route of training with the potential of getting back into the squared circle well after a decade later.

Yes, there are those that have their concerns about the situation, but it’s quite evident Tyson is getting into great shape physically behind a completely different mindset.