Mike Tyson Wishes That He Could Fight Floyd Mayweather

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has seen himself thrust back into the headlines all due to his potential return to the ring. It has also flooded many of the various comments that he has made over the last few years. Although Tyson hasn’t fought in a professional boxing match in nearly 15 years, he has remained around the sport. He hasn’t been shy about his opinion concerning some of the greatest to fight in the squared circle. It has also opened the door to Tyson singling out fighters that he wishes he could have faced, including Floyd Mayweather.

Mike Tyson’s boxing career

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It has been more than a decade since Mike Tyson’s last fight, but he put together an impressive career that made him one of the most exciting boxers to watch.

Tyson had gotten off to a tremendous start to his career that saw him generate plenty of buzz due to his quick knockout power. He made light work of his first several opponents, with 12 out of his first 16 fights being first-round knockouts. That dominance helped build a strong following behind as one of the rising stars in the sport.

Tyson had numerous question decisions in and out of the ring, but he was one of the scariest boxers for opponents to go up against in his heyday. He was every bit unpredictable, while his tremendous speed and strength often created fear in his opponents.

Mike Tyson wishes he could have fought Floyd Mayweather

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Tyson had the opportunity to face some of the greatest boxers in the sport’s history, such as Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, and Larry Holmes.

However, he never had the opportunity to take on Floyd Mayweather, which is a dream match he would have loved to put on. (H/T Essentially Sports)

Well, I would love to have fought him, I wish he was my weight. We can never fight, of course, because of the weight difference, but I wouldn’t fight him the way they fought him.

“I would be mean, I would be dirty. Because you’d have to do everything to fight him because he’s just so good.

“You can’t… it’s almost impossible to fight him clean. It’s just so hard to beat him. I don’t care. It’s really hard to beat him. The style he deploys — it’s really difficult to beat him in that particular style. I don’t care. Love him or hate him, he’s a hard man to beat. I would fight a guy like Floyd differently if he was a heavyweight”

It would have required Mayweather to move up significantly over several weight classes. During his heyday, Tyson was at around 220 pounds while hovered around 150 pounds. If two fighters had hovered around the same weight, it would have created a highly entertaining match.

Who would win between Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather?

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If the weight were equal, it would have been an exciting clash of fighting styles as these two boxers were quite different. Mike Tyson did hint at him being physical and dirty, which he would deploy as a tactic to get into Floyd Mayweather’s head.

However, his approach was always aggressive, intending to knock out his opponent quickly. Mayweather would have stuck to the same defensive game plan that would have looked to tire out Tyson. His approach to the match would be more of a boring style, but it proved to be quite useful throughout his career that moved to an undefeated record.

Mayweather’s resume speaks for itself, but Tyson’s knockout power could quickly change things. It’s a match that we will never see, but it would have generated significant interest across the globe.