Mike Tyson’s 2 Divorces Cost Him Over $16 Million

To call Mike Tyson’s time in the public eye “interesting” would be an understatement. Tyson was one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time before he went to prison in disgrace. He returned to the ring in the mid-’90s, dominant yet again, until he bit then-champion Evander Holyfield’s ear off in frustration. Tyson has settled into a post-retirement career reflecting back on his earlier tribulations with a hit Broadway show and book. He seems to have mellowed out in his older age. 

During his fighting days, Tyson was also known for his tumultuous marriages. He’s been married three times overall. Let’s look at his divorces and how much they cost him. 

Mike Tyson’s first marriage

Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson with his then-wife Robin Givens in 1988
Boxer Mike Tyson with his then-wife Robin Givens in 1988 | Wojtek Laski/Getty Images

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Tyson’s first marriage was highly publicized. According to The Sun, he married actor Robin Givens in 1988. In Tyson’s autobiography, he claimed he felt Givens represented a good step for him, as his social life to that point was highly underdeveloped: “My social skills consisted of putting a guy in a coma … So maybe Robin was just what the doctor ordered.”

Tyson and Givens didn’t last, however, as they had a rocky marriage characterized by Tyson’s rampant jealousy and abusiveness. The two would split, and Tyson later famously claimed to walk in on Givens in a romantic entanglement with future superstar actor Brad Pitt. Tyson claimed Pitt asked the championship pugilist not to hit him, and Tyson obviously declined to do so. 

Tyson’s second marriage

Tyson’s second wife was a woman named Monica Turner, who he wed in 1997. This union created fewer headlines than his marriage to Givens. The two reportedly met at a party thrown by comedian and actor Eddie Murphy in 1990.

Though Tyson went through a whirlwind in the ensuing years (multiple wins and losses in the ring as well as a rape conviction and prison sentence outside it), the two later connected. They remained married for six years. After having two children together, Turner claimed Tyson was unfaithful and divorced him. 

Mike Tyson’s current marriage

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Tyson’s third and current marriage is to Lakiha “Kiki” Spencer. The two wed in 2009. According to Fan Buzz, Tyson said he needed to get married as it helps provide him with a sense of direction and purpose in his life: 

“That’s why I got married three times, ’cause I can’t live without a wife. If I don’t have a wife, I’ll kill myself. That’s real talk. I need somebody to listen to. I’m a soldier. I can’t think on my own, I need somebody to do it… I know myself.”

Tyson reportedly currently practices a monogamous lifestyle. He and Spencer have two children together, and she even helped him develop his hit Broadway show The Undisputed Truth

After several attempts to get it right, it appears as though Tyson may have marriage figured out. So how much did his earlier divorces cost him? 

How much did Tyson’s two divorces cost him? 

According to Marie Claire, Tyson and Givens’ settled for $10 million. For Turner, the Washington Post reported that Tyson paid her $6.5 million and also gave her their Connecticut home. Tyson has reportedly had issues with debt and money over the years, and these settlements no doubt added to those issues. 

For all his problems, however, Tyson looks to be in a good place now financially and with regard to his relationship. It’s anyone’s guess whether he can make this one last, but based on what he’s learned from previous relationships, it’s a good bet Iron Mike may get it right this time.