Mike Tyson’s Next Opponent Already Regrets His Impending Matchup

After weeks of anticipation earlier this summer, Mike Tyson agreed to an eight-round comeback fight against former middleweight and heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr.. There has been nothing but building hype toward the match that will see two legends battle for the first. However, Jones Jr. has recently aired regret about taking the fight in the first place.

Mike Tyson has match lined up against Roy Jones Jr.

Following videos emerging of Mike Tyson training, it sparked up the conversation around a possible return to the ring.

Throughout the process, Tyson didn’t back down from that notion. It was further cemented by the tremendous shape he has gotten back into while showing impressive speed in his training despite now being 54 years old.

It created chatter around who he could fight that ranged from Evander Holyfield to taking an MMA match. There was a brief quiet period, but it was announced in July that an agreement was reached for him to fight former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr, who last fought in 2018.

Jones Jr. has won his last four fights that include winning the vacant WBU cruiserweight title. The 51-year-old is still a significant name in the boxing realm as he has remained around the sport since his last fight. During the prime of his career, Jones Jr. was considered one of the best boxer, which has further amped up the match.

However, some telling comments were made from Tyson’s upcoming opponent concerning their scheduled match in November.

Roy Jones Jr. regrets taking fight against Mike Tyson

Roy Jones Jr. has put forth a tremendous boxing career over the last couple of decades.

However, the former heavyweight champion hasn’t been entirely excited about his upcoming match against Mike Tyson. Jones Jr. recently voiced that he made the mistake of accepting the fight against Tyson because he’s going up against a bigger and more explosive fighter. (H/T Blue Telusma)

“When it comes time to fight, we’re going to fight,” Jones said. “If it comes down to bite, we’re going to bite. Whatever has to happen is going to happen. That’s just what it is.”

He added: “He’s still Mike Tyson. He’s still one of the strongest, most explosive people who ever touched a boxing ring. If anything, I made a mistake going in with him. He’s the bigger guy. He’s the explosive guy.”

Tyson has worked his way back into tremendous shape for the upcoming match. It isn’t to say that Jones Jr. is fearful, but he knows he will have his hands full with his opponent. It does speak to that it could be quite an explosive fight between the two all-time greats.

The fight will still happen


Mike Tyson Just Executed the Perfect Move to Capitalize on Boxing Comeback

Roy Jones Jr. previously erred some disgruntlement over the last few weeks about the fight centered on it being pushed back.

The match was scheduled to occur on Sept. 12, but promoters pushed it back to Nov. 28 in Carson, California, to attract more attention. The proceeds are expected to go to charity, but there hasn’t been clarity on that front. Nonetheless, Tyson continues to train for his return to the ring after 15 years.

His camp has posted numerous videos of his training sessions that have fans excited to see him in the ring again. All of this should see another entertaining match unfold in late November to add another chapter to Tyson’s legacy.