Mike Tyson’s Trainer Warns He Could Kill Somebody With One Punch

In the past couple of weeks, there has been growing chatter around former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson possibly entertaining a comeback to the squared circle. Tyson continues to hint at that while putting out videos of him training that further suggests that coming to fruition. He hasn’t shied away from questions about it that have opened the door to see him getting in the ring again for the first time in 15 years. With that building hype around him, Tyson‘s trainer has remained boastful about him by stating that he believes the 53-year-old could kill someone with a single punch.

Mike Tyson’s comeback talk

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The last several days have seen chatter around Tyson shift toward a possible return to the ring.

The former WBC and WBA heavyweight champion have continued to ramp up his training with videos surfacing of him going through vigorous workouts. Tyson still looks to have incredible power and speed at his age, fueling the talk of a comeback.

He has also embraced the possibility by recently stating in an interview on a Play Together Apart Livestream on Facebook that the training has helped him feel youth and that he may not be finished with boxing. Despite being more than a decade removed from his last professional fight, Tyson has displayed some impressive physical ability that has many excited about the opportunity to see him fight again.

Mike Tyson’s trainer believes he could kill someone

The hype around Tyson’s possible return has continued to build to astronomical levels as he has looked quite sharp and quick in his workout videos.

That chatter has only further built up with his new trainer Rafael Cordeiro, who has worked with the 53-year-old over the last few months. During a recent interview with ESPN, Cordeiro didn’t pull any punches when discussing Tyson’s physical ability at this stage as he firmly believes one of his punches could kill somebody. (H/T RT.com)

“The power is on a different level. I’ve trained a lot of heavyweights in my career. When you talk about his power… his right hook I can feel it, you can tell, it could kill somebody.”

Cordeiro has a first-hand seat to see what Tyson has still physically at this point in his life. The various video shows that he possesses some tremendous power, albeit it came in a workout against no sparring opponent.

Things could certainly be different with another fighter against him, but it’s hard to argue against that statement as Tyson was a professional fighter. Although he may not be the physical specimen that he once was during the prime of his career, he has always possessed the strength to harm someone beyond knocking them out potentially.

Cordeiro may be pumping up Tyson’s ability a bit, but there is no doubt that things could head that route.

Will Mike Tyson fight again?


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The talk continues to head into the direction of Tyson getting back in the ring as he has embraced that chatter every chance he has had.

There have been detractors such as UFC president Dana White, who don’t want to see him fight again, but it’s becoming clear that he wants to do that for charity. Tyson appears to be dead set on pursuing a comeback in whatever form that may be.

What is also not being discussed as much is Tyson’s mental state as he sounds like he’s at a much different headspace than he was at during his heyday. Only time will tell if this path will work out in the manner that he hopes in what could be a wildly entertaining return to the squared circle.