Mike Tyson’s ‘Unstoppable’ Feeling Has Him Considering a Comeback

It has been nearly two decades since Mike Tyson last stepped into the ring professionally for a fight. In the time that he has been out of the sport, Tyson has stayed firm with his stance that he won’t return because he didn’t like the person he was during his career. However, there has been much buzz over the last few weeks as videos have emerged of Tyson getting into shape with the help of a personal trainer that has continued to fuel speculation that he may consider getting back in the squared circle. With all that in mind, he has all but ruled out making a comeback shortly.

Mike Tyson’s boxing career

From the get-go to begin his professional career, it was quite clear that Tyson was an exceptional talent in the ring.

It didn’t take long for him to blast off into stardom behind the quick success that saw him display his impressive strength and quickness. He made light work of his first several opponents, with 12 out of his first 16 fights being first-round knockouts. That dominance helped build a strong following behind as one of the most exciting fighters to watch.

There were some tough times for Tyson as his erratic behavior and questionable decision-making put him in some tight situations that include losing six years of his career due to a prison sentence. Despite that, there remains a high affinity for him over the years as he was a must-see attraction during his heyday and worked well to clean up his image over the years.

Now it appears that Tyson may not be done with boxing as he has an interest in potentially giving it another go around.

Mike Tyson suggest he may unretire

Since his final fight against Kevin McBride in 2005, Tyson has stayed around the sport of boxing but never truly entertained the thought of making a comeback to the squared circle.

However, it looks to be that things have continued to ramp up in the direction of him making a comeback. There have been several videos of him training that show him still possessing tremendous speed and power despite being 53 years old. During a Play Together Apart Livestream on Facebook last Thursday, Tyson voiced that he could get back into the ring. (H/T Cassandra Negley of Yahoo Sports)

“It may not be over yet. Anything’s possible. I feel unstoppable now. The gods of war have reawakened me, ignited my ego and want me to go to war again. I feel like I’m [young] again.”

The videos that have made headway over the last couple of weeks only suggest that Tyson could make a comeback. Although it may just be training, he looks to still have tremendous power and speed while he physically looks to be in great shape.

That has created much buzz around him as he would be an immediate must-see attraction to see how he would fare in the ring nearly two decades after his last fight.

Should Mike Tyson return?

Tyson’s sudden desire to get back in the ring has sparked much interest in that potential path.

There will be those that have their concerns given that he’s been away from his craft for nearly 15 years. It’s a substantial, risky step to get back into it, especially that he’s now into his 50s.

However, it looks like Tyson is putting in all the necessary work physically and is in a much different place mentally than he was during his heyday. If he’s genuinely passionate about making a comeback, the opportunities will be there to do that.

It may just be a matter of him getting the right scenario, which could present itself some point down the line quite soon.