MLB: 10 Pitchers Combine Scorching Games to Make League History

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Ten MLB baseball pitchers independently contributed to what would become a record-breaking Sunday, and no one saw it coming when the day had started. The ten starters each pitched at least seven innings while allowing fewer than four hits — something that’s never been done before in the history of the MLB. The players, who were a mixture of veterans and young guns, combined to deliver the historic day in a series of games across both Leagues and almost every time zone across the country.

Starting with Dillon Gee, the New York Mets pitcher who finished his eight innings with three hits and an ERA of 2.88, the march of the record books began at just after 1 PM at Citi Field, New York, where the Mets dispatched the Miami Marlins 4-0. It went next to Baltimore, Maryland, where the Kansas City Royals and James Shields trounced the Baltimore Orioles 9-3, with Shields pitching seven innings and allowed only three hits.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though — despite Johnny Cueto’s strong performance (eight innings and three hits, natch), the Cincinnati Reds were unable to secure a victory, losing 1-0 to the Atlanta Braves who saw their own pitcher, Julio Teheran, also go for 8 innings and, of course, three hits.

Source: J?CK VI?W , Flickr

Source: J?CK VI?W, Flickr

Beyond the Atlanta ballpark, a trio of near-simultaneous performances added to the total count — at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Astros pitcher Collin McHugh garnered only a pair of hits on over eight innings played, while Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel contributed just three hits in the seven he saw at the mound against the Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park. The Best Fans in Baseball were rewarded by an equally impressive outing from Adam Wainwright, who’s eight innings and three allowed hits helped the Cards embarrass the Pirates 7-0. To cap off the trifecta, San Diego Padres’ starter Ian Kennedy contributed a seven inning, three hit run that eased the Padres into a 4-2 victory over the Washington Nationals.

A couple hours after that, San Francisco Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong piled on with a seven inning, two hit performance that allowed the Bay Area squad some breathing room en route to a 4-1 win over the Cleveland Indians. At the end of the day, it was Garrett Richards who contributed the final blistering performance, going for seven innings and three hits as the Los Angeles Angels lost a tightly contested game to the New York Yankees. The final score was  3-2. Game information gathered from ESPN.