MLB: This Ballpark Sees More Home Runs Than Any Other

There’s been recent controversy over the baseballs being used in Major League Baseball potentially being “juiced” or manufactured differently to allow for more home runs to be hit. While there may or may not be some truth to that, you might also be surprised to learn it’s easier to hit home runs at some stadiums versus others.

Not all stadiums are created equal. Some have shorter dimensions, making it easier to hit home runs, while others are bigger and require batters to hit the ball farther to take a trot around the bases. Here are the MLB stadiums that see more home runs hit than others this season, based on the per-game average through July 14.

10. Progressive Field, Cleveland

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.109

The average number of home runs at Progressive Field would be significantly higher if it counted the homers hit in the Home Run Derby earlier in the season. What’s interesting about Progressive Field is that it’s technically not considered windy, according to The site does note that wind probably does not affect a batted ball going up so it’s not likely that wind affects the number of homers hit in Cleveland.

9. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.15

Dodger Stadium is the oldest ballpark on the list, but only the third-oldest stadium in all MLB. Because of its age, it was built in a different generation, which may play a factor in it being home-run friendly. Dodger Stadium is also the largest in all of MLB with 56,000 seats. It also has its own zip code!

If you’re a baseball fan than you probably know Dodger Stadium is no stranger to exciting games. From Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter to Sandy Koufax’s perfect game, the stadium has seen many of the greats play on its field. It’s probably no surprise then to see Dodger Stadium on this list.

8. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.17

The Reds’ home park is known for being hitter-friendly, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see it on this list. According to This Great Game, the park saw at least 210 home runs every year for its first six years and is consistently named one of the top venues for homers. Great American Ball Park is also infamous for its “Gap” — a 35-foot separation between the two upper decks near home plate.

7. Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Anaheim

The home of the other “Los Angeles” team has also seen quite a few home runs leave the yard in 2019, but that is to be expected with Mike Trout playing half of his games there. Luckily for fans, Trout currently calls Angel Stadium of Anaheim home and will continue to do so for the next decade-plus.

6. Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.212

Even though Bryce Harper is no longer on the Nationals to hit home runs, their stadium is still seeing balls hit the seats. Nationals Park also has the unique distinction of being the very first LEED-certified stadium in the country. While many of the park’s “green” features are not immediately noticeable to fans attending the game, the team that worked on the stadium’s design really put a lot of thought into making the structure as environmentally-friendly as possible.

5. SunTrust Park, Atlanta

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.227

In just its third season of existence, the Braves’ new home is having quite a season for home runs already. In fact, based on the current 2019 average per game, it’s more homer-friendly than the Braves’ previous stadium, Turner Field, which averaged 0.77 homers per game in 2016, its last season as the Braves’ home park.

4. Guaranteed Rate Field, Chicago

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.32

Even though it’s gone through some corporate name changes, the home of the White Sox is one of MLB’s oldest stadiums, having opened in 1991. It’s also one of the easiest places to hit home runs out of this season. While the stadium has received numerous updates over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is its exploding scoreboard — a fan favorite for many years.

3. Coors Field, Denver

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.349

You knew it was going to be on the list, it was just a question of how high up on the list it would be. The Rockies’ stadium is up in the thin air of Colorado, a mile above sea level. The atmosphere alone makes Coors Field susceptible to having home runs hit, and this season right up there with the rest of them. So what stadiums are seeing more home runs hit this season?

2. Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.365

The Orioles are one of the worst teams in the majors again this season, so one reason their stadium is high on the list may be because of poor pitching. Regardless of the reason, Camden Yards has a large number of homers being hit already this season, and is only trailing behind one other ballpark.

1. Rogers Centre, Toronto

  • Average number of home runs in 2019: 1.531

The stadium formerly known as the SkyDome is seeing a lot of balls hit high into the sky — at least when the roof is open. There are more home runs being hit in Toronto this season than any other ballpark — and it’s not even that close. As the season progresses, Toronto’s standing could change. But for now, Rogers Centre can claim to have the most home runs hit in the League this season.