Myles Garrett’s Love of Dinosaurs May Decide His Post-NFL Career

It’s no secret that most athletes aren’t going to make it to 65 before they retire. In fact, most retire in their thirties or forties. So, it only makes sense to have a backup plan for their post-career. The Browns star defensive end Myles Garrett already has a retirement plan in place, and it involves his childhood love of dinosaurs.

Even though he’s had some troubles resulting in his temporary suspension, he is still seriously considering studying paleontology. According to, Garrett may follow his original dream of studying dinosaurs after he leaves the NFL behind.

Myles Garrett plans to study Paleontology

Some people may struggle to figure out what they want to do when they grow up, but Garrett had a different problem. He had to decide between two career paths. 

Growing up, Garrett watched Jurassic Park, and rather than being terrified by the giant lizards running rampant on-screen and eating people hiding in porta-potties, he was fascinated. While many children have the same obsession, his interest only grew with age, and it’s still one of his favorite topics.

My Aggie Nation reports that his favorite dinosaur of all time is the deadly Spinosaurus. He originally liked the Tyrannosaurus Rex best, but was disappointed by its ‘baby arms.’ His other top five dinosaurs include the Deinonychus, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor. 

A Veliciraptor’s hunting style even inspires him to be a better football player. Garrett said, “That’s how I want my game to be: precise moves. At any moment, you can get the blow that will take you out of the game.” With such passion for dinosaurs, it may seem strange that he didn’t follow through with it, but his love for football temporarily overcame his love for paleontology.

He originally considered attending Ohio State to study paleontology, but it wasn’t meant to be. His love for football pulled him toward Texas A&M. He didn’t entirely give up on paleontology, as he chose to study geology as his minor. Now that he’s in Ohio, he may get his chance to follow his original dream.

Garrett’s NFL suspension

For those who have never faced Garrett on the field, they describe him as low-key, unique, and hard to describe. On the field, he’s a different guy. In an article for U.S. News, Garrett reportedly said, “As soon as I step on the field, totally different person. As soon as I step off, I go back to who I’ve always been. It kind of throws them off, how I transition from going onto the field and I’ve got to turn into a leader and be this aggressive guy, and then I turn into this goofy kid who listens to all kinds of music.” 

That might explain the events that led to his suspension and shocked everyone who knew him. During a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, their quarterback Mason Rudolph threw a completed pass. Garrett then took Rudolph down, even though he no longer had the ball. Rudolph took offense to this, and tried to remove Garrett’s helmet as the two men wrestled on the ground. Two other Steelers players tried to hold Garrett back, but he managed to get Rudolph’s helmet, and used it to hit the quarterback in the head.

Garrett was suspended for the rest of the game, and the NFL later decided to suspend him from the rest of the 2019 season, and hinted that it might be indefinitely. Garrett tried to appeal the decision, stating that Rudolph made a racial slur. Rudolph’s attorney denied this, but Rudolph refused to comment on it. 

Garrett reinstated

True to its word, the NFL didn’t allow Garrett to play during the 2019 season. After revisiting his suspension, the NFL decided to allow him to play again on February 12, 2020, reports Cleveland’s 19 News. This allowed Garrett to rejoin the Cleveland Bears, and train with his team during the off-season.

As shocking as his lengthy suspension was, it wasn’t the first. In 2006, Tennessee Titans player Albert Haynesworth stomped the Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Andre Gurode in the face.

Gurode wasn’t wearing his helmet at the time, so the act was especially shocking. Haynesworth was suspended for five games before being allowed to return.