Former NFL Linebacker Napoleon Harris Went From First-Round Pick to Fighting off Multiple Alleged Murderers at Once

Napoleon Harris was a first-round pick in the 2002 NFL draft with the Oakland Raiders. He went on to have a decent NFL career, too. However, his post-football life has potentially been significantly more interesting. In fact, after last playing in the league in 2008, Harris, who also had success with the Kansas City Chiefs, has since had to fight off multiple alleged murderers at once.

Napoleon Harris was a first-round pick with the Oakland Raiders

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After playing college football at Northwestern, linebacker Napoleon Harris went to the Oakland Raiders with the No. 23 overall pick in the 2002 NFL draft.

He then had a great deal of success in his first couple of seasons with the Raiders. Harris recorded 81 total tackles in 15 games in 2002, and was ultimately a part of a Raiders team that went to the Super Bowl. He then had 110 total tackles, two sacks, and three forced fumbles in 2003.

The 2004 season, though, was his last year with the Raiders, as Harris was included in Oakland’s trade to acquire Randy Moss. Harris had 61 total tackles that season before only recording 25 with the Minnesota Vikings in 2005. However, after recording 59 total tackles and three interceptions with Minnesota in 2006, Harris then had another strong season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007. He ultimately recorded 116 total tackles that year.

Harris then went back to the Vikings in 2008, but only appeared in 10 games that year. That ended up being his last season in the NFL.

He fought off multiple alleged murderers at once

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According to a 2016 article from ProFootballTalk, Napoleon Harris had been working late at a restaurant he owns. He ultimately decided to let his delivery driver go home, and Harris ended up finishing the deliveries that night. One delivery, though, took him to a vacant house, as four men had actually made the order with plans to rob a delivery driver.

They, instead, crossed paths with a former NFL linebacker. Harris ended up fighting off all four of them, and, as they ran away, followed them to their car. He ultimately gave a description of the men and their vehicle to the police.

“They were really trying to choke him to death, and he was just too strong. He out-powered all four of them,” Sean Howard, a representative for the Harvey, Illinois police, said, according to The Washington Post

It turns out that some of his attackers were reportedly suspects in a murder case. According to ProFootballTalk, “with help from information provided by Harris, police eventually tracked the men to Georgia, where three of them were charged with murder.” The fourth man was not a suspect in the murder case, but all of them were reportedly suspects in other crimes.

It’s unclear what has happened to these men within the judicial system in the years since then, but Napoleon Harris potentially saved future victims’ lives that night. He has since continued to make a positive impact on the world, too.

Napoleon Harris is now a state senator

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In addition to fighting off criminals, Napoleon Harris has gone on to become an Illinois State Senator. He has also used his influence to fight for his fellow ex-NFL players, too.

According to his Instagram, Harris released a statement about how the NFL has used “race as a category to judge whether ex-players should be paid for head injury claims.”

“Systemic racism is real and people wonder why we as Black people are always advocating for equality and equity,” Harris wrote on Instagram. “There can’t be two systems and race shouldn’t be a factor for benefits. This has to stop.”

Napoleon Harris has accomplished a lot in his life. Becoming a state senator and potentially helping solve a murder case, though, are now just a couple of the achievements on his impressive resume.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference