NASCAR Icon Denny Hamlin Is Eager to Create the ‘Google of Race Shops’

NASCAR icon Denny Hamlin is going to be a busy man during the 2021 racing season.

Not only will the 40-year-old Hamlin get behind the wheel for another campaign, but he and Michael Jordan teamed up to form 23XI Racing. Bubba Wallace, a rising star driver and social justice activist, will drive the No. 23 car.

Hamlin has a lot on his mind, and he’s making his goals clear. As part of building the 23XI Racing brand, Hamlin wants to create the ‘Google of race shops.’

Denny Hamlin is becoming an all-time NASCAR great

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Since he made his Cup Series debut in 2005, Denny Hamlin has been among NASCAR’s best racers — and it isn’t up for debate.

Hamlin enters the 2021 racing season with 44 victories and 280 top-10 finishes across 542 races.

A longtime driver in the Toyota car of Joe Gibbs Racing, Hamlin has a top-10 finish in the Cup Series standings 11 times in the past 13 years. The exceptions were a 23rd-place finish in 2013 and the 11th ranking in 2018.

Hamlin finished fourth in 2020 for the second straight season.

Hamlin and Michael Jordan teamed up to form 23XI Racing

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One of the top racers of his generation, Denny Hamlin partnered with arguably the greatest player in basketball history.

Hamlin and Michael Jordan created 23XI Racing earlier this year. Officially, Hamlin is a minority owner and Jordan, the Chicago Bulls legend, is the majority owner and operator.

23XI Racing lured Bubba Wallace to race in the No. 23 car starting next season. Wallace, 27, is the only Black driver at NASCAR’s top level.

Wallace spent the last four years racing for Richard Petty Motorsports. He finished 22nd in the NASCAR Cup Series standings last season, a career-best ranking.

Denny Hamlin wants to create the ‘Google of race shops’

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Denny Hamlin has high hopes for the future of 23XI Racing, both on and off the racetrack. 

According to NASCAR’s official website, Hamlin spoke with reporters on Monday, December 14, about the latest with 23XI Racing.

Hamlin said he is especially focused on building the brand’s race shop — and everything that comes with it.

“Here’s my plans, what am I missing? … How can I make this better? How can I build something where five o’clock comes, people want to hang around? You almost want to create the Google of race shops where everyone’s co-working together. Families come and have lunch, dinner in the café right next to the race shop where they can watch their dad or wife work. That to me is a lot of fun during that process.”

If Hamlin truly hopes to accomplish that goal, he certainly made the right move partnering with Michael Jordan. Say what you want about Jordan’s track record as an NBA executive, but he knows how to run a business and what works.

23XI Racing is based in Mooresville, N.C. The organization linked sponsorship with numerous companies, including DoorDash, Dr. Pepper, and McDonald’s.

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