NASCAR Legend Tony Stewart Dealt With a Creepy Stalker That Called Him 300 Times Because He Couldn’t Honor Her Request

Tony Stewart experienced tremendous success throughout his illustrious NASCAR racing career. Stewart‘s dominance on the track led him to become one of the most popular drivers. All that put him in a disturbing situation involving a creepy stalker.

Tony Stewart’s NASCAR career

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Tony Stewart strung together an impressive NASCAR career that cemented his place among the greatest drivers.

Stewart spent two decades behind the wheel, where he won three Cup Series championships and earned 49 Cup Series race wins. He also finished 13 times inside the top 10 in the point standings finishes, including five times placing inside the top five.

Stewart remains the only driver to win both a NASCAR Cup Series championship and an IndyCar Series title. All that helped him earn a NASCAR Hall of Fame induction in 2020.

Before earning that tremendous honor, Stewart had to deal with a sticky situation involving a creepy stalker.

Tony Stewart dealt with a creepy stalker that called him 300 times because he couldn’t honor her request

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Tony Stewart’s NASCAR stardom saw him become the center of a disturbing situation.

In 2016, Stewart began to deal with a creepy matter involving a woman named Mary Kathleen Russell stalking him and his family. Russell harrassed the NASCAR Hall of Fame driver after she felt like he had ignored her when he failed to sign memorabilia at a race. All that led to legal charges filed against her.

According to the Indy Star, the court documents from the case revealed that Russell attempted more than 300 phone calls through various numbers to Stewart and his family. Many of these calls featured the song “Psycho Killer” from the Talking Heads playing in the background. The calls came at all times of the day with the sole motive of harassing Stewart.

Russell had a few other calls where she played a Hilary Clinton soundbite, stating, “We came, we saw, he died.” The audio was Clinton’s comments regarding the death of Libyan dictator Muhammad Gaddafi. Russell also called the media, Stewart’s sponsors, and other NASCAR drivers to report anonymous “tips” about him.

There was also the belief that she was behind the phone call tip to the DEA that his plane was carrying drugs. All that led Stewart’s mother to get a protection order against Russell. The woman responded by sending an envelope in September 2017 that a clerk opened and wound up being covered in a white powdery substance, creating an anthrax scare.

It turned out to be baking soda, but the entire situation led to the court ruling that Russell violated the protection order. She was charged with stalking, terroristic mischief, and intimidation in November 2017.

Woman deemed mentally unstable by the court

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The case took another turn in June 2018 after a court ruling concerning Russell’s health.

Following examination from two separate doctors, Russell was deemed mentally incompetent to proceed further through the case. She remained in custody at the Marion County Jail with a $30,000 security bond.

During her time in jail, She wrote several letters to the judge presiding over her case that detailed her deteriorating health condition. In one of the letters in May 2018, she stated that a fall in the shower in January had a profound, lasting health effect. (H/T WRTV Indianapolis)

“I have blurred vision in my left eye where I see triple images out that eye now,” Russell wrote. “I have to sit propped up to sleep and cannot lay my head down without terrible pain. As a result of the fall, I have some memory loss and suffer from lack of sleep.”

Other inmates in Russell’s cellblock also wrote letters to describe her health condition. The note had been signed by 22 other inmates stating that she was a liability for the jail staff and the other inmates in her cell. 

Since being declared mentally unfit to continue the court case, there hasn’t been any additional information concerning Russell.