NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Reveals How He’s ‘Changing the Game’ With the Help of Michael Jordan and Pitbull

NASCAR star Bubba Wallace aims to make history in 2021 by becoming the first Black driver to win a race. With Michael Jordan and Pitbull’s help, Wallace hopes his new ownership team will change the game for the better.

As one of NASCAR’s two full-time Black drivers, Wallace has big plans for 2021, and he isn’t going to let anyone stop him.

Bubba Wallace can start 2021 on the right foot by performing well at the Daytona 500

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Bubba Wallace will make his debut with 23XI Racing on Feb. 14 at the 2021 Daytona 500. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, is looking forward to seeing how Wallace performs as his lead driver.

Imagine if Wallace wins the Daytona 500 in his first race with Jordan. Not only would Bubba become the first Black driver to win the legendary race, but he and Jordan would send a message to the other NASCAR drivers that they aren’t here to play second or third fiddle.

Wallace’s best finish at the Daytona 500 was in 2018 when he came in second place. It’s going to be fun to track how well he does in 2021 with Jordan part of his ownership team.

One of the reasons Bubba Wallace is proud to be working with Michael Jordan and happy to see Pitbull’s entrance in NASCAR is both guys are minorities, just like him. The 27-year-old wants to make a huge impact on NASCAR with MJ and Pitbull’s help.

Bubba Wallace says he, Michael Jordan, and Pitbull will change NASCAR

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Bubba Wallace believes more and more minorities will watch NASCAR now that Michael Jordan and Pitbull are involved in the sport. The talented driver wants to see the NASCAR community become more diverse, and he’s confident it will happen since MJ and Pitbull are global icons.

“I think it’s big. It shows other minorities, like, hey, if these guys are investing why can’t we? And continue to grow our sport,” Wallace said, via “It’s what we need. It’s all about exposure, reaching out to the right people. Because they have ideas of how they want to see success and grow their name and brand. Getting in a part of NASCAR – a lot of minorities it’s not really what they go to. We’re changing the game. With everything that happened last year think we put NASCAR on the map in a lot of new areas. Got a lot of new fans looking to tune in this year which is great, important for us and we just got to keep the ball rolling.”

NASCAR has historically been a white-dominated sport, both on the race track and in the stands. Bubba Wallace, Michael Jordan, and Pitbull are pushing for diversity and inclusion.

Creating awareness is important for the three superstars

Bubba Wallace, Pitbull, and Michael Jordan want to create more awareness and have a more diverse audience for NASCAR. Pitbull not only aspires to win NASCAR races as co-owner of Trackhouse Racing, but he is focused on a larger goal for the sport.

“It’s all about creating awareness,” Pitbull said. “The same way that music is the universal language, I also see NASCAR as the universal language because everybody loves a fast car and a great story.”