Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal – What Is the BMF Belt?

The fight that everyone wants to see has finally been announced. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will face each other in a 5-round title fight for the inaugural BMF belt at UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden. But what is this BMF belt?

The BMF belt

Details are scarce right now, as there’s simply not much information to go off on. However, what we do know is that Dana White will be making this BMF belt just for the Diaz vs. Masvidal fight.

It’s unknown if this is a one-off belt or if it’s the start of something more. We do know why it came to be, however. 

As ESPN reported, the main event for UFC 244 was going to be a fight for the welterweight title between the champion Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. However, due to disputes during the negotiations, that fight fell through. Thus, the UFC needed a new main event.

The UFC has made it a silent rule that all pay-per-view events, such as UFC 244, needs a title fight as a headliner. However, with no title fights that could be set up in time, the UFC decided that the best thing to do was to turn the Diaz vs. Masvidal fight into a title fight. 

Rather than fight for just any other title, however, it’ll be for the brand-new BMF belt, a belt that’s pretty much designed for the personalities of Diaz and Masvidal. Diaz calls himself a BMF all the time, so that’s likely where the name for the belt came from.

More money fights?

Although the behind the scenes reason for creating the BMF belt is clear cut, the creation of this belt also solidifies something that the UFC has been doing for some time now, money fights.

Money fights are fights that usually aren’t for a title, and they’re set up because they’d make a lot of money. In fact, Diaz’s fights against Conor McGregor are some great examples of money fights.

This money fight belt also isn’t unusual in boxing. In fact, when Floyd Mayweather fought McGregor in their boxing match, it was technically for the inaugural “Money belt”

Some UFC fans don’t like money fights, as they’d much prefer watching the best fighters fight the best fighters rather than watch the fights that’d make the most money. However, with the introduction of the BMF belt, it seems like the UFC is warming up to the idea of legitimizing money fights. 

Alternatively, this could be the creation of the BMF division, which some fans speculate could be a division full of BMFs like Diaz or Masvidal. 

A new division 

Another theory is that although the BMF belt will set up a new division, it won’t be called the BMF division. It’ll be the much anticipated 165-pound division. Many fans and some fighters have been asking for one for a long time now. However, the UFC hasn’t budged

The main reason why this is possible is that both Diaz and Masvidal are not true welterweights. Sure, they’d weigh in at 170-pounds for their most recent fights, but they’ve fought at 155-pounds for the majority of their careers. Diaz and Masvidal both moved up to 170 because they didn’t like cutting weight.

A 165-pound division would be a great division in-between those two weight classes, allowing men who are too big for 155 and men too small for 170 to fight there.

Men like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre would both be a great fit for this 165-pound division. On top of that, creating a 165-pound division would also be more professional than creating a BMF division.

That said, it’s entirely possible that the BMF belt is just a one-off belt for this one fight. Either way though, it’ll be an entertaining night for UFC fans.