NBA: 1 Sign That Proves Stephen Curry Will Stay With the Warriors Forever

Through his first 10 years in the league, star point guard Stephen Curry has become one of the top talents and a key fixture with the Golden State Warriors. With a decade in the NBA under his belt, will Curry wind up spending his entire career with the Warriors?

Stephen Curry’s impressive career with the Warriors

Since being selected with the seventh overall pick back in the 2009 NBA Draft, Curry has ascended to stardom as one of the most recognizable faces in the sport. He has played a pivotal role in changing the game to what it has become today as a guard-oriented offense with a significant emphasis on the 3-point shot.

Curry has been one of the guiding offensive forces for the Warriors over the last five seasons that has seen them reach the NBA Finals in each of those campaigns, winning three NBA titles along with a pair of regular-season MVPs. In total, he has also earned six All-Star selections, three All-NBA First Team selections, two All-NBA Second Team nods, and an All-NBA Third Team selection.

On top of that, Curry has earned the reputation as being one of the greatest shooters in NBA history while setting many all-time marks behind his stellar shooting from beyond the arc. If he has not already established himself as a sure-fire Hall of Famer, he’s certainly well on that path of being one when he retires with what he’s already accomplished at this point in his career.

Stephen Curry signaling he will play his entire career for the Warriors?

Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry is one of the league’s highest-paid players and he has made good use of his money. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In his first decade in the league, Curry has continued to voice his strong commitment to the Warriors with hopes of being around for the long haul. He’s set to enter the third year of his five-year, $201.1 million max deal with the Warriors, but he may have made up his mind about his long-term future beyond his current contract expires.

According to James McClain of Variety, Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry back in June purchased a $31 million mansion in a wealthy Bay Area suburb located in San Mateo County. This was recently made public as the house was not listed on the open market as it was under wraps over the last few months.

The fact that Curry and his wife splurged on a new home in the Bay Area m may signal that there is a long-term commitment from them to remain in the area. This also falls in line with the 31-year-old’s mindset about the Warriors as he has voiced nothing but praise for the organization and the community on numerous occasions,

Other ventures Stephen Curry has spent his money

Since the topic of spending money has been broached, Curry hasn’t been shy about unloading some of his cash as he has had notable purchases and donations over the last few years.

Most recently, Curry helped launch the first-ever golf program at Howard University last month that will begin in the 2020-21 season. This will include a coach, three scholarship athletes, two women and one man. The team will be outfitted by Under Armour, who have sponsored Curry throughout his career.

Back in July, the Currys also launched the Eat.Learn.Play Foundation, a family-founded charity that works towards “helping end childhood hunger, ensure universal access to quality education and enabling healthy, active lifestyles.” The program is aimed at prioritizing underprivileged children in the Oakland and Bay Area communities.

The Currys have also spent some significant money on themselves with their car collection that includes a Cadillac Escalade ESV, an Infiniti Q50, a Kia Sorento, a Mercedes Benz G55, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a Porsche Panamera Turbo S, a Range Rover Sport LWB, and a Tesla Model X 90D. Many of these vehicles top more than $150,000 in worth.

Although Curry has splurged a bit, he has certainly lived his best life on and off the court.