NBA Agent Jeff Schwartz Represents More Players Than Anyone Else

Some NBA agents are as much part of their client’s image as they are. For example, Rich Paul has followed LeBron James since the start of his career, eventually becoming a household name himself. Other agents, like Jeff Schwartz, operate in the shadows. Despite a lower profile, Schwartz is one of the most successful agents in NBA history. And he’s made his clients a lot of money in the process. 

Who is NBA agent Jeff Schwartz? 

If anyone is a fan of an NBA team, they likely have a client of Jeff Schwartz’s. For years, details Bleacher Report, Schwartz has courted talent across the spectrum. From perennial stars like Paul Pierce and Blake Griffin to role players like Michael Beasley, Schwartz has over 34 clients in the NBA at once. The tough negotiator milks teams for every penny, and players notice. 

When people see NBA players’ multi-million dollar contracts, they often think every penny goes to them. Agents, however, get a hefty portion of every contract on top of everything else. On the one hand, this could be viewed as an overpay for somebody who doesn’t dribble a ball. However, few players survive without an agent by their side. If they get paid, the money that goes to men like Schwartz is a small price to pay. 

When Arn Tellem took a job with the Detroit Pistons, Schwartz became the most prominent agent in the NBA. His list of current talent speaks not only for his taste but to his ability as an agent. 

Schwartz’s Rolodex

Schwartz currently represents 35 NBA players ranging from minimum contract players to max ones. They are rookies, veterans, and in-betweeners. Tyson Chandler may be near the end of his career, but he is still making millions thanks to Schwartz, while Harry Giles may soon get a nice pay raise when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this year. 

Jamal Murray will see his pay go from $4 million this year to almost $30 million next year. Kevin Love, Khris Middleton, CJ McCollum, and Nikola Jokic are all in the middle of massive contracts paying them somewhere in the area of $30 million a year and counting.

Lower-profile players like Harrison Barnes get paid $25 million thanks to Schwartz’s negotiations while Ricky Rubio and Cody Zeller make around $15 million a year. Perhaps, the greatest testament to Schwartz’s talent, however, is his top two earners. 

Schwartz brings the bank to you


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Schwartz made over $70 million off of his clients in 2019, but he got them over $400 million in the process. Kemba Walker, the second-highest earner of this bunch, was able to escape from the Charlotte Hornets en-route to a lucrative four-year deal, paying him over $30 million a year each season. Walker has always been among the league’s most underrated stars, and he is finally getting paid like one thanks to Schwartz. 

Schwartz’s highest-earner, however, may surprise some people. Blake Griffin may still be an All-Star talent when he is healthy enough to take the floor, but his recent seasons have been plagued with injuries. Thankfully, Griffin is getting paid handsomely despite his injuries. He is currently in his third year of a massive extension that pays him $34 million this year and will pay him almost $40 million two years from now. 

Behind almost every player is an agent who is making them a lot of money. If you are in the NBA today, there’s a good chance one of your friends relies on Schwartz for their income. With several clients on the verge of free agency, look for his bank account to grow even more this coming offseason.