NBA Could Lose a Staggering $900 Million If Season Is Canceled

Like many of the other sports leagues in the country, the NBA has had to put a halt to their season due to concerns over the coronavirus. However, there have been some progressive steps toward resuming play at some point in the coming months. It has been a systematic move forward, but it has increased optimism about the NBA getting things back underway. There may be another incentive that is driving the league in that direction with the potential of losing nearly $1 billion if the 2019-20 season is canceled.

NBA progressively moving forward

The last few months have primarily been a holding pattern for the NBA, like many other sports leagues, to determine where they can resume play.

During this time, there have been some steps taken toward potentially seeing the 2019-20 season resume at some point in the coming weeks. The NBA has moved toward reopening many of the team’s practice facilities in conjunction with each state’s mandated orders.

There are still several locations abiding by the lockdown rules, but the fact that many spots have opened up is a definite step forward. Meanwhile, a few of the prominent states such as California, New York, and Texas have publicly had their respective governors voice that there could be a chance for teams to play in their arenas without fans in attendance.

These two aspects alone have continued to fuel chatter that the NBA could be back on track at some point during the summer with these precautionary measures continuing to be taken.

NBA could miss out on $900 million

Another significant reason why the NBA will make a strong push to continue their season is a massive financial loss.

The league has continued to stray away from voicing their concerns about money aspect to it all, but it’s hard to overlook how much that could be impacted. According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, the NBA could lose around $900 million in playoff revenue if the season is canceled.

The lost national television revenue from these playoffs alone would be approximately $900 million, according to a source who gleaned the figure from one of the many conference calls with Silver recently. If the NBA can’t find a way to play regular-season games, sources say teams will also lose out on regional sports network revenues that require them to air at least 70 games to achieve the financial threshold that is so routinely discussed in league circles.

More than anything, the NBA will be driven to make sure that outcome doesn’t come to fruition. Beyond the expected salary cap for the 2020-21 season due to current setbacks the coronavirus has caused, it could lead to an even more significant financial hit next year.

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Throughout the entire process, the NBA continues to operate carefully to avoid any setbacks.

There are certainly reasons for optimism that the season will be resumed soon, but it’s hard to put a definitive stamp in that direction. There are numerous reports that state that a financial decision on the matter will be made within the next month. That window should also provide a more definitive picture of where things stand with the coronavirus.

If things continue to trend in this manner, it’s hard to envision the league not venturing the route of giving it a go. There is still much that needs to be figured out first, but it’s a promising direction that the NBA continues to move.