How The NBA Created a Fraudulent Link Between Michael Jordan and UNC Men’s Basketball Coach Hubert Davis

At this time, 20 years ago, former New York Knicks guard Hubert Davis was only months away from playing with Michael Jordan on the Washington Wizards.

Now, Davis is the head men’s basketball coach at the University of North Carolina. Jordan, the six-time NBA champion, is the Charlotte Hornets’ owner and will almost certainly spend the coming years rooting for Davis and the Tar Heels.

Davis and Jordan have plenty of shared ties, from each playing at UNC to their time on the Wizards. However, an NBA-affiliated Twitter account once tried creating a fraudulent link between the two former players.

A video with Michael Jordan and Hubert Davis is inaccurate

The advent of social media, especially Twitter, has made it easy for accounts to share highlights of older athletes.

Clips featuring Michael Jordan dunking on opposing players or lighting up a defense frequently go viral. It becomes especially easier when a verified account, such as the NBA History account, posts those videos to a large fanbase.

In April 2017, NBA History tweeted a video of Jordan dunking on Patrick Ewing and the Knicks in 1991. This actually happened, so that isn’t where the problem is.

The issue involves clip of Hubert Davis, who spent four seasons with the Knicks, reacting to Jordan’s dunk. But when Jordan dunked on Ewing during those 1991 NBA playoffs, Davis was still at North Carolina. In fact, Davis didn’t play his first NBA game until November 1992.

It is easy to chalk this up as a misunderstanding, but someone still had to edit Davis’ reaction in — and Davis was still 18 months away from entering the NBA.

Jordan and Davis played against — and even with — one another later

New North Carolina men's basketball coach Hubert Davis (L) matched up with Michael Jordan (white jersey) during their NBA careers. The two even played together in Washington.
New North Carolina men’s basketball coach Hubert Davis (L) matched up with Michael Jordan (white jersey) during their NBA careers. The two even played together in Washington. | Michael Reaves/Getty Images; Brian Bahr/AFP via Getty Images

It is interesting that the NBA tried creating a non-existent link between Michael Jordan and Hubert Davis on that dunk considering the two already had some shared connections.

Davis and Jordan both played at North Carolina, although Jordan preceded Davis by several years. Later, the two teamed up on the Washington Wizards for the 2001-02 season.

Davis, a shooting guard at that stage in his career, averaged 7.2 points and 2.1 assists in 51 games and 17 starts. Jordan contributed 22.9 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.2 assists, and 1.4 steals in 60 games and 53 starts.

Davis can always celebrate shooting better than Jordan, as the veteran shooting guard made 44.8% of his shots. Jordan, on the other hand, hit only 41.6% from the field.

Hubert Davis is the new head coach at North Carolina


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Michael Jordan never went into coaching, and he’s instead owned the Charlotte Hornets — previously the Bobcats — since 2010.

Hubert Davis went down the coaching path, and his journey has paid off. After nearly a decade as North Carolina’s assistant coach, Davis officially replaced Roy Williams in April 2021.

Davis, who turns 51 in May, is the first Black head coach in program history. Considering that Jordan remains a devout fan and supporter of the Tar Heels, one should expect their paths to cross again soon.

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