NBA Fans Describe the Crazy Experience of Sitting Courtside at Games

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently conducted a remote interview with TNT’s Inside the NBA. During the talk, Silver admitted the league wouldn’t even address the topic of resuming play until May at the earliest. In other words, the coronavirus suspension could interrupt the NBA for many months to come.

With so much time and uncertainty on their hands, NBA fans have nothing to do but reflect on better days. For many, this means remembering the times they spent at games. Some even had the good fortune of sitting courtside. Here’s what fans have to say about the pros and cons of this ultimate NBA experience.

The NBA game itself

Fans celebrate after Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers scores
Fans celebrate after Anthony Davis scores | John McCoy/Getty Images

The appeal of courtside seats has a lot to do with getting the best possible view of the game action. From what most fans say, this experience is well worth the price of entry. According to one Reddit user: “The game seems so much faster and you realize how amazing of athletes the players really are.”                                     

Courtside seats don’t just make it easier to appreciate athleticism. They also increase your perception of the size of players, like “how monstrous some guys are, how short others are,” as another Reddit user points out. Sitting courtside, you can hear way more of what goes on during the game, from trash talk to coaches calling plays and players talking with refs.

Bold fans even get the opportunity to interact with the players themselves. Some NBA players are known to respond to positive comments from fans, sometimes giving out high fives and handshakes. In 2014, one courtside Miami Heat fan even got an almost unthinkable gift — a kiss from LeBron James.

Luxury amenities come with sitting courtside at NBA games

While sitting courtside offers an unparalleled view of the action, it’s far from the only reason fans pay a premium for the experience. Courtside seats also come with an array of VIP amenities. To begin with, lucky fans may get the chance to interact with famous people, most of whom sit courtside when they choose to attend an NBA game.

Fans in courtside seats can also forget about having to pay top dollar for food and drinks. Most courtside seats include access to free and fancy dining options.

One fan on Quora explained: “For all the courtside fans, there is also a separate concession area where all food and drinks (non-alcoholic) are included for no extra cost. They serve fancy food like steak and fish.”

Back on Reddit, another fan explained, “At halftime, all the courtside people got to go to a club with special food, a bar, free snacks.” Not too shabby.

The cons of courtside seats

By now the upside of courtside seats should be pretty clear. Yet it’s worth pointing out that there can be certain downsides to the experience. For one thing, courtside seats are expensive. The price depends on many factors, including the stadium, matchup, and whether it’s a regular or postseason game.

Beyond the price, some fans find courtside seats frustrating when it comes to actually watching the game. As one fan on Reddit noted: “It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on sometimes since there’s a bunch of huge bodies blocking your view. It’s not like a TV angle or sitting up in the stands where you’re looking down onto the action.”

Furthermore, fans complain that it can be hard to keep up with the score, as the scoreboard resides almost directly overhead. Nonetheless, most fans who manage to take in a game from courtside consider it a cherished NBA experience.