NBA Finals: Watch Both Teams React to San Antonio’s Record First Half

If you missed the first half of Game 3 between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat last night, you missed NBA history. The Spurs redefined ‘on fire’ in the first half, finishing with 71 points on 86 percent shooting, prompting analyst Jeff Van Gundy to point out that the squad was shooting better from the field than they were from the free throw line. While Miami would host a furious rally to cut the lead to as close as seven, San Antonio never let them get closer than that, even if their 41 point outburst in the first quarter was, obviously, unsustainable.

Players and coaches from both teams seemed in awe of the performance, particularly Manu Ginobili, who capped that quarter with a 3-pointer that seemed to touch every part of the rim before finally going through. “I think at one point we were 19 for 20,” the Argentine shooting guard said, while Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra struggled to avoid giving in and exasperatedly asking, “What were we supposed to do?” in his post game press conference.

It’s easy to sympathize with Coach Spo — there’s not much to be done when the other team isn’t missing shots, and San Antonio made a mockery of Miami’s typically fantastic defense by virtue of the simple fact that they team refused to stop scoring, whether their players were starters or bench players, covered or wide open. And while LeBron James said that his team needed to learn something, we’re not sure there’s a whole lot to learn from a game where one team goes into the halftime break shooting over 75 percent.