Is Derrick Rose Choosing the Wrong Surgery?

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

On Friday morning Derrick Rose successfully underwent surgery to repair the torn meniscus in his right knee. Although this was the same injury that sidelined him last season, Rose opted to take a different approach this time around by choosing a meniscectomy rather than fixing the meniscus like he did with his previous injury.

Prior to the surgery, there was reason for the Chicago Bulls to be positive about the decision to go with this procedure. According to Yahoo Sports, by way of K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, “The Bulls said Rose will undergo a meniscectomy, which is a removal of part or all of the meniscus. The Tribune, citing sources, has reported there is considerable optimism that Rose’s second meniscus tear is small.

“Until the surgery is performed and surgeons know how much of the meniscus needs to be trimmed, it’s unknown what the timetable for Rose’s return is. […] If the tear is small and only a small portion of the meniscus is trimmed, it’s possible Rose’s timeline could be in the three- to six-week period. Rookie Doug McDermott, who didn’t have the injury history Rose did, returned to the court following his meniscus surgery in three weeks and to practice in four.”

Now that the surgery has been completed, the outlook is favorable. It appears that Rose is looking at a four- to six-week recovery period. This is good news for everyone who enjoys watching Derrick Rose play ball because he’s expected to return this season. And yet, despite the positive news, we still remain a little unsure about his decision to go with the meniscectomy. After all, given his past injury, might it have been wise to err on the side of caution and choose to again fix the meniscus?

David Banks/Getty Images
David Banks/Getty Images

The main difference between the two approaches is that with the meniscectomy, by removing all or part of the meniscus, a player will be able to return to action much faster. The key is to figure out how much of the damaged part of the torn meniscus needs to be removed. However, this can only be determined during the procedure itself. What the Bulls learned that this tear wasn’t as bad as Rose’s last one.

Chicago Bulls general manager Gar Forman, when discussing the finished procedure with reporters, termed the surgery “minor.”  It should be noted that the point guard was able to walk out of the hospital on his own following the successful surgery. And now the road to recovery starts tomorrow with “aggressive” rehab, in the hopes that Rose will be back by the end of the season.

Derrick Rose is a competitor and a fighter. He loves the game of basketball and has shown time and again that he is willing to put in the necessary work to get back on the court. It’s unfortunate that he has to go through his third knee surgery in three years, but at least he seems to have found himself in the best possible situation considering the circumstances. Still, we wonder if getting back on the floor sooner is the right thing for D-Rose the player. He hasn’t shown a willingness to adapt his game. And it’s his aggressive style that’s been a major contributing factor to his string of injuries. We’re happy this injury was less severe and that Rose will be able to come back quicker. And yet, because of his history, we’re still going to wonder if this procedure was the right call. Only time will tell.

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