Netflix Series: ‘Last Chance U’ Will Switch to Basketball in 2021

The Netflix Series: Last Chance U has chronicled junior college football and what it’s like for the players and coaches. In 2020 the series will kick off its fifth season, and it will be the last season that the show will highlight a football team.

In 2021, the series will switch to the court and focus on a basketball team for the first time.

‘Last Chance U’ gives players a second chance to pursue their careers

Last Chance U does not focus on the top college programs. The series focuses on programs that don’t get much national attention. What better way to highlight community colleges? When the show first started in 2016, the viewers got the chance to dive into the East Mississippi Community College football team. East Mississippi is one of the top football programs in junior college, and they have won multiple national championships. The football program at East Mississippi has featured some of the top players in the country. Players from Power Five schools like Auburn, Florida State, and others transferred to East Mississippi.

There are different reasons for their transfer. Some players were facing some academic troubles and needed to improve their grades. Others were dismissed from programs from violating team rules. These players came to East Mississippi for a second chance. It’s a culture shock for most of the players coming from the big schools, and now they’re at a school in the middle of nowhere. The goal is simple for the players. Do a year or two at junior college and find themselves back at a big-time program.

During the first few seasons of the series, the football team had a lot of success. During the 2015-16 season, the team finished with an 8-1 record and was one of the country’s top junior college teams. The next year the team finished 11-1 after losing their first game of the season. After two seasons in Mississippi, the series moved to Kansas to highlight the Independence Community College, football team.

Now this team was far different from East Mississippi. The football program was one of the worse in the conference, and Jason Brown, the head coach, was brought in to turn the program around. He was able to bring in transfers from top Division I programs, and in his first season, the team finished with an impressive 9-2 record during the 2017-18 season. The following season was a complete disaster as the team finished with a 2-8 record.

Season 5 will highlight a football team from California

The new season of Last Chance U will highlight Laney College, a school located in Oakland, California. In 2018, Laney finished with an 11-2 overall record and won the CCCAA State Championship. They finished the season on a six-game winning streak. One thing different about the CCCAA and the NJCAA is that the CCCAA does not give out scholarships, and the California junior colleges only play other schools from California.

The new season will air July 28, 2020, and highlight the 2019 season for Laney as the team will try to defend their state title. Laney is led by Hall of Fame coach John Beam, a well-known person in California. He has been around the game for a long time and coach at the high school and Division I level. Viewers will get to see what challenges the team faces during the 2019 season.

‘Last Chance U’ switching to basketball in 2021

This new season will be the last one that focuses on football. It was announced in June that the series would move to basketball in 2021. When the series started, people wondered if the streaming service would ever focus on a different sport. Come 2021 that will happen.

Netflix has not announced which program it will follow for basketball. Going forward, the series could continue to follow different sports, which will certainly be an interest to many people.