New USFL Draft Has a Bizarre Format

The NFL season is over, but that doesn’t mean football is done. The USFL league begins on Tuesday, February 21, with the draft. The draft will span across two days.

The new 8-team league will play all of its games in Birmingham, Alabama. It will give players an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents for NFL scouts or perhaps scouts in the Canadian league. Technically, the USFL existed back in the 1980s, but this new USFL has no affiliation with the other one despite sharing a name.

However, the USFL Draft is something we have never seen before and is quite bizarre — in a good way. Let’s examine how the draft works and break down more details about the revamped USFL league.

A quick rundown of the USFL league

The United States Football League (USFL) is kicking things off this Spring. There are eight teams, and all the games will be played in Alabama.

The playoff and title game will be held in Tom Benson Stadium in Canton, Ohio, next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That is pretty neat.

There will be two divisions, North and South, and each team will play 10 games during the regular season. The head coaches feature a few notable names, including Jeff Fisher. Here are the head coaches of the new USFL:

  • Skip Holtz, Birmingham Stallions
  • Kirby Wilson, Pittsburgh Maulers
  • Mike Riley, New Jersey Generals
  • Todd Haley, Tampa Bay Bandits
  • Kevin Sumlin, Houston Gamblers
  • Bart Andrus, Philadelphia Stars
  • Jeff Fisher, Michigan Panthers
  • Larry Fedora, New Orleans Breakers

There a quite a few notable names for the head coaches, and when the USFL Draft begins, we will see the players who are participating in the league. And no, Antonio Brown likely won’t be on the list despite reportedly receiving an offer.

As far as the draft goes, it is a bit funky but seems fun.

The USFL Draft has a bizarre format

On Tuesday, February 22, the USFL Draft begins. The format is much different from anything else we have seen, making it fascinating.

Let’s break it down a bit. Each round has set players the teams can choose between. Yes, that’s right. It’s odd, but it could make for a fun time. Here is how the USFL Draft works, courtesy of Fox Sports.

  • Round 1: quarterbacks
  • Rounds 2-4: defensive end and edge rushers
  • Rounds 5-7: offensive tackles
  • Rounds 8-11: cornerbacks
  • Round 12: quarterbacks
  • Rounds 13-17: wide receivers
  • Rounds 18-19: safeties
  • Rounds 20: centers
  • Round 21: inside linebackers
  • Rounds 22-23: guards
  • Rounds 24-26: defensive tackles and nose tackles
  • Rounds 27-28: running backs and fullbacks
  • Rounds 29-31: outside linebackers
  • Rounds 32: kickers
  • Round 33: punters
  • Round 34: tight ends and H-back
  • Round 35: long-snapper

That is, well, quite a different approach to take the draft. Nonetheless, it should make for a fun time. Teams aren’t allowed to trade picks, but they can pass in a round if they don’t find a player worth drafting.

The Michigan Panthers won the lottery and got the first overall pick.

The USFL is bringing out all the stops to make it a unique experience, and here are more rules for the inaugural draft.

It is night and day from the NFL — or any professional sports draft for that matter. Nonetheless, it should be fun.

The league is going to be experimenting in other facets of the game as well

That is interesting. The USFL will be a lot different than any league we have seen, and it kicks off on April 16 with the first game.

The USFL will implement quite a few interesting wrinkles in the league. But, one of the more exciting aspects is regarding the officiating. Mike Pereira teased about some things on Twitter recently.

The official rules have not been released yet, but Pereira’s tease implies that there could be some fun things in store for the new league.

Get ready. Football is here. The USFL that is.

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