Top 5 2024 NFL Schedule Release Video Rankings

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The NFL’s schedule release day has now become an event. Over the last few years, the social media department for every NFL team has conjured up creative ways to announce their schedule for the upcoming season. It’s now become a competition to see which team creates the best viral video.

On May 15, the NFL released its 2024 schedule. Below, we listed the top 5 NFL schedule release video rankings in 2024.

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the most polarizing team in the NFL. The majority of fans from the 31 other teams strongly dislike the Cowboys. Leaning into this hatred, the Dallas Cowboys implemented the FaceTime prank for their schedule release video. Fans of the Cowboys’ 2024 opponents were told that the NFL wanted to include them in a documentary and would reach out on FaceTime. However, this was a ruse for the real plan.

Two groups representing the Dallas Cowboys were on the other side of FaceTime, and when the fan answered, the groups stayed silent and still. Representing the Cowboys’ fanbase were Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott, Michael Irvin, Post Malone, TimTheTatman, Rowdy, and Dallas cheerleaders.

Some of the unexpected fans on the receiving end of these FaceTimes included former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, comedian Shane Gillis, and boxer Jake Paul.

4. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons went the nostalgia route for their schedule release. The organization created ATL Streets Vol. ’24, the team’s version of NFL Street, the beloved video game franchise from the mid-2000s.

The animated video features several Falcons players, including Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts, hitting the blacktop and making their opponents look silly in a game of street football. The video also included a shirtless Kirk Cousins wearing his trademark gold chain. For fans of the game, the Falcons’ video was a worthy homage.

3. New England Patriots

Boston likes football, but they love Good Will Hunting and its two stars, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The Oscar-winning movie holds a special place in Bostonians’ hearts. The New England Patriots made a fake trailer for Good Jules Hunting to channel the region’s appreciation for the film.

Julian Edelman stars as “Jules Hunting,” the alternate version of Damon’s Will Hunting. Instead of Affleck, the Patriots enlisted Rob Gronkowski to play Jules’s best friend. The parody features memorable references to Good Will Hunting, including Jules’s janitorial work, the “It’s not your fault” scene, and the “Do you like apples” joke.

2. Tennessee Titans

In 2023, the Tennessee Titans hit the streets of Broadway and asked random people to name NFL teams based on their logos. Some of the hilarious answers included “Lightning McQueen” for the Los Angeles Chargers, “Pirates from the Islands of the Caribbean” for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and “Chester Cheeto” for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This season, the Titans enlisted the help of “Red Stallion Girl” from the 2023 video to announce their 2024 schedule by returning to Broadway and asking people to describe the team’s upcoming opponents. Notable answers from the video include “Home of the Cheese” for the Green Bay Packers, “Alix Earle’s Boyfriend’s Team” for the Miami Dolphins, and “The Cowboys” for the Indianapolis Colts.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

This was an easy decision. The Los Angeles Chargers consistently put out great schedule release videos, and 2024 was no different. The Chargers released their schedule in the style of The Sims, the life simulation video game.

What makes the Chargers’ video so great is their attention to detail. Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is working on his popular New Heights podcast before leaving to hop on a private jet with Taylor Swift. Later, Kansas City’s Harrison Butker is cooking in the kitchen, referencing his graduation speech that generated much controversy. Another highlight is the pillow fight between the Harbaugh brothers. The Chargers continue to set the bar high with these videos.