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Susie Wolff Files Complaint Against FIA For Targeting Her In Investigation

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Susie Wolff

At the end of last year, the FIA opened an investigation into F1 power couple Toto and Susie Wolff on the grounds of conflict of interest. As a result, the latter has confirmed that she has now lodged a complaint against the FIA.

Susie Wolff, director of the F1 Academy for female drivers and wife of the Mercedes Formula 1 team boss Toto Wolff, announced on Wednesday that she had filed a complaint against the Fédération Internationale Automobile (FIA) on March 4th in connection with an investigation opened against her at the end of last year.

Susie and Toto Wolff were investigated by the FIA to determine whether they were at the center of a potential conflict of interest. Two days after announcing this procedure in early December, the FIA indicated the evidence it examined showed that this was not the case.

Formula One—which manages the F1 World Championship—and Mercedes, which categorically rejected the accusations made against the Wolffs, expressed their dissatisfaction with the FIA’s handling of the case. On her social networks, Susie Wolff denounced the investigation as “intimidation and misogyny.”

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