Tiger Woods Favorite to be Star of Next Netflix Roast According to Betting Odds

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Key Highlights:

  • Tiger Woods Big Favorite to be Star of Next Netflix Celebrity Roast
  • 20% Chance LeBron James is the Next Celeb to get Roasted on Netflix
  • Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift “Couple Roast” at 33/1 Could Smash Netflix Viewing Figures
  • Lively Outsiders include Drake, Kanye West & Caitlin Clark

Odds to be Featured in Next Netflix Celebrity Roast

  • Tiger Woods: +200
  • LeBron James: +400
  • The Rock: +700
  • Travis Kelce: +1200
  • Stephen Curry: +1200
  • Charles Barkley: +1200
  • Drake: +1400
  • Draymond Green: +1600
  • Taylor Swift: +2000
  • Patrick Mahomes: +2500
  • Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce: +3300
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: +3300
  • Mike Tyson: +3300
  • Conor McGregor: +3300
  • Lionel Messi: +3300
  • Jake Paul: +4000
  • Kanye West: +4000
  • Caitlin Clark: +6600
  • Nick Saban: +6600
  • Angel Reese: +12500

*Odds are for entertainment purposes only

After the white hot success of the Tom Brady roast on Netflix, our oddsmakers have been busy curating odds on who will feature on the streaming platform’s next roast. While Tiger Woods is the big favorite, LeBron James, and The Rock follow closely in the odds. A “Couple Roast” of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is also drawing a lot of attention with odds of just 33/1.

Tiger Woods +200 Favorite to be Roasted Next on Netflix

Our internal team of oddsmakers believe Tiger Woods will be the next sports star in the spotlight for a roast on Netflix. With odds of +200, Woods is a heavy favorite, but he is closely followed in the market by the likes of LeBron James, The Rock, Travis Kelce and Drake.

There would be no shortage of ammunition for roasters if Woods does take the hot seat. His multiple infidelities that ultimately led to his divorce from supermodel, Elin Nordegren, and his car wreck caused by speeding would be sure to in the line of fire from pro roasters like Jeff Ross and Nikki Glaser.

With Woods seemingly in the very late autumn of his golf career, what better way for the 15-time major champion to the draw curtain on it than to be roasted by a bunch of no-name comedians and his peers?

LeBron James With 20% Chance to be Next Netflix Roast Superstar

With LeBron James close to retirement, our in-house oddsmakers believe that he could follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady. LeBron’s odds are set at +400, indicating a 20 percent probability that he is next up.

Like Brady, LeBron has been at the top of his profession for close to 20 years, and while there may be a little less ammo for LeBron than Brady, he would still likely draw a massive audience for Netflix.

Following LeBron closely is The Rock with odds of +700. The Rock’s friend, Kevin Hart hosted the Tom Brady roast, and we are sure Hart would love a go at roasting one of his closest friends in front of millions of people.

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift With Potential to Smash Netflix Viewing Records

A couple of the more interesting names listed in the market are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The hottest celebrity couple in town have individual odds of 20/1 and 12/1 respectively, but Swfities all over the world could absolutely smash viewing figure records if a “Couple Roast” of the pair comes to fruition.

Oddsmakers believe that Kelce is the more likely of the two to be roasted, but we are dreaming of our very first celebrity couple roast, and at just 33/1 that is a distinct possibility.

Lively Outsiders

While the top of the market contains those most likely to be next up for the roast, there are some outsiders that caught our eye. Drake at 14/1, coming off his recent beef with Kendrick Lamar would likely captivate an audience.

The same could be said of Kanye West, who has been perennially roasted on social media over the last couple of years for his actions. He is currently a 40/1 shot.

Women’s sports most recent superstar, Caitlin Clark is a 66/1 shot to feature next. The newly drafted WNBA star could become the biggest name in the sport, and it may be a little bit early for her roast, but her inclusion on the list shows the impact that she is making.


Nick Raffoul, Head of News at Sportscasting commented on the odds:

“Looking at these odds, it’s clear why Tiger Woods is the big favorite at +200. His star power, layered with decades of sports legacy, and interesting personal life offers ample comedic material. LeBron James and The Rock, at +400 and +700, respectively, follow closely behind, and their odds seem fair given their broad public recognition and charisma. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as a couple at 100/1 is a wild card that could surprise viewers if Netflix takes the leap, appealing to both sports fans and music enthusiasts alike.”