NFL: 2 Factors That Could Keep Tom Brady with Patriots Past 2019 Season

Over the last few weeks, there has been growing chatter around Tom Brady’s long-term future with the New England Patriots beyond the 2019 season. Brady has stayed away from talking about his commitment to play until age 45 like he previously did. It has put a major cloud over the entire situation with the potential that this season could be his last in New England. However, there are two overlaying factors that may keep him in place.

Tom Brady keeping his future beyond 2019 open

Over the years, Brady made it a point to emphasize that he had no desire to step away from the game any time soon.

Things have suddenly changed over the last few months as he has voiced some uncertainty regarding how much longer he plans on playing. Brady aired that sentiment during his weekly interview on WEEI earlier this week, stating that he doesn’t know when he will want to retire. (h/t Mike Reiss of ESPN)

“One day I’ll wake up and feel like that will be enough. When that day comes, that day comes. I don’t know if it will be after this year. I don’t know if it will be five years from now. But I don’t have to determine those things right now either,” Brady said on the radio show. “That’s kind of a good part where I’m at. So I think just taking advantage of the opportunity that I have this year and do the very best I can do. Those decisions come at the more appropriate times.”

Comments like this from Brady, coupled with his Boston home being up for sale, have led to various reports stating that he could potentially be in his final campaign in New England. It may not be entirely gloomy for the Patriots as they have two major factors that could wind up keeping the six-time Super Bowl champion well after this season.

Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft could be the difference

Talks around Brady’s future beyond this season may continue to grow louder, but it isn’t something new for the franchise to deal with over the last couple of years.

The Patriots have been the standard-bearer with their star quarterback as the centerpiece to their tremendous amount of success over nearly the last two decades. Along with that, New England may have the upper hand with keeping Brady after 2019 as head coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft could be what persuades the 42-year-old to stay on board, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

But what more than one source pointed out over the past week is that New England offers two advantages to Brady that no other situation can: Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

“I can tell you this: The working relationship with Tom and Bill (Belichick) right now is terrific,” the source said.

It is a vastly overlooked aspect to the entire situation, as Brady has nearly two decades of experience working alongside Belichick, while his close relationship with Kraft has been well documented over the years. Beyond Brady conversing with his family in his decision after this season, the discussion and opinions he receives from two mainstays in New England will weigh heavily into what he chooses to do.

Tom Brady, Patriots’ remains focus on 2019 season

The chatter will continue to hover around Brady and the Patriots throughout the season, but that won’t weigh down the franchise in any manner.

New England has dealt with outside noise in the past on various occasions, and the manner in which they have handled this situation isn’t any different. It hasn’t hampered their tremendous start, winning their first seven games of the season that have many pegging them as the favorites to win the Super Bowl once again.

Ultimately, it’s a situation that will be addressed when the time comes next offseason.