NFL: Aaron Rodgers TD Pushes Green Bay Packers Past Bears, 10 – 3

The Green Bay Packers topped Chicago Bears by a nail-biting 10-3 score in the first game of the 2019 NFL season on Thursday, Sept. 5, in Chicago. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers led the Packers with 203 yards. Rodgers was the lone bright spot for either offense, and he put in work with 203 yards, one touchdown, and zero interceptions. Rodgers tallied a 91.4 passer rating.

With a rushing game that produced a rushing usage index of 11.75 to 11.5 for the Bears, the Packers produced a total offensive index of 31.5 to get the W. Green Bay put up a total defensive index of 1.15, compared to 0.49 for the Bears, whose only points came from kicker Eddie Pineiro. The Packers’ defensive index came from 11 hits and five sacks from 16 players who had an impact, which contributed to a win. The defense was alive, even though it didn’t contribute any touchdowns for Green Bay.