NFL: Browns’ Jermaine Whitehead Learns a Harsh Lesson About Twitter Rants

Despite heading into the 2019 season with plenty of hype around the Cleveland Browns, the team has quickly headed south, dropping six out of their first nine games played. It has pushed forward a tremendous level of criticism and frustration towards the team. It led safety Jermaine Whitehead to lash out on social media in an inexcusable manner that has cost him his spot on the roster in Cleveland.

Browns tumble to start 2019 season

Months leading into the season, the Browns had been the most hyped team behind their strong collection of talent.

However, that hasn’t translated to any sustained success on the field, having dropped their last four games that have pushed them clear out of the playoff picture or even in contention for the AFC North division title. Cleveland has had some unaspiring performances along the way, with their offensive woes being at the forefront of the issues that have led to them falling well short of expectations.

That has contributed to the rising level of frustrating steaming around the team that has ventured to the social media front. That was undoubtedly the case with for fourth-year safety Jermaine Whitehead following the 24-19 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon.

Jermaine Whitehead’s Twitter rant cost him his job with the Browns

The Browns fell short for the fourth consecutive game that has pushed them further down the chain in the playoff race. It immediately led to Whitehead making the unfortunate decision to go to social media to make a few racial and threatening comments.

The second-year safety reportedly sent several comments on Twitter that were entirely out of line with verbal threats and racial insensitivity that resulted in his account being suspended.

Warning: The tweet below contains graphic language

What is even more boggling is that The Athletic’s Zac Jackson reported that Whitehead was still wearing his full uniform while sending these tweets. Shortly after, it led to a team public-relations staffer to remove him from social media in the locker room.

The Browns have already come out to condemn Whitehead for his actions with a zero-tolerance policy that resulted in him being waived on Monday morning. He had been claimed off waivers by Cleveland last season after the Green Bay Packers released him.

Whitehead played in all eight games this season, where he notched 41 tackles along with a forced fumble.

Browns made the right decision to move on

It’s an unfortunate situation involving Whitehead that has put a bigger cloud over the Browns this season.

However, Cleveland made the right decision to move on from the veteran safety as his actions were inexcusable as he put the team in a tight spot. These were disturbing comments that Whitehead elected not to apologize for but instead focused on his lackluster performance in Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

It’s a serious matter that could snowball if not handled properly, which the Browns quickly came out with a strong statement and made it clear that type of behavior is unacceptable.

 The closest case in the NBA dealt with former San Antonio Spurs guard Stephen Jackson being fined $25,000 for a hostile, threatening tweet that was aimed at Serge Ibaka. It was made in regards to Ibaka and World Peace getting into it during a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers back in 2012.

Meanwhile, the next closest instance came after former NFL offensive lineman Jonathan Martin was charged with four felony counts and one misdemeanor count in connection with a threatening Instagram post back in 2018. In that situation, things were taken much further, but it’s clear that type of behavior has no place anywhere, especially in the world of sports.