NFL: Will Dak Prescott Be the First QB to Sign a $200 Million Contract?

Ever since he took the reins from Tony Romo, Dak Prescott has had high expectations playing QB for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s also had a decent amount of success.

As Prescott enters the final year of his rookie deal, speculation will turn to the type of contract he’ll receive from the Cowboys when he hits free agency. Prescott is one of several candidates among the league’s QBs who may be the first ever to receive a $200 million deal.

Let’s take a closer look at whether or not Dak Prescott will be the first QB to sign a $200 million contract.

The QBs who may be the first to sign for $200 million

Will Dak Prescott be the first NFL QB to earn $200 million?
Dak Prescott will make a fortune once he reaches free agency. | John McCoy/Getty Images

While Dak Prescott is one of the QBs who will be in the running to be first $200 million man, there are others as well:

  • Russell Wilson, who recently gave the Seahawks a deadline to rework his deal. Wilson represents one of the team’s last great players from its Super Bowl championship team. He is young enough to make a $200 million contract worth it for Seattle, but there are a few reasons it won’t happen, as Deadspin notes.
  • Jared Goff, the Rams’ QB who is coming off a Super Bowl appearance. The Rams must weigh his overall great performance in the regular season with the subpar performance in the Super Bowl against the Patriots to decide if a big contract is worth it.
  • Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs QB who had the best year of any signal caller in the NFL last year. Mahomes has two years left on his rookie deal. The odds are high that he’ll eventually get paid a fortune, but he likely won’t be the first to top $200 million based on the timing of his contract. However, since he might be even better in 2019, he could earn the biggest NFL contract ever when he hits free agency.
  • Carson Wentz, the Eagles QB who’s battled season-ending injuries the last two years. When he’s in, Wentz is fantastic. He was responsible for much of the team’s success during their Super Bowl run before a late-season injury derailed him. His season had a similar ending in 2018. Before they invest in Wentz’s future, Philadelphia may want to make sure his spotty injury history represents bad luck rather than a trend.

All four of those candidates would be worthy choices. Now let’s take a look at how Prescott stacks up.

Dak Prescott by the numbers

Prescott has been good if not great in Dallas. He’s thrown for 10,786 yards and 67 touchdowns in three seasons. He’s also completed 66.1% of his passes and made two Pro Bowls. Sure, there are QBs with better numbers, but Prescott has been nothing if not consistent.

Where Dak Prescott has really excelled is in the win column. He has a record of 32-16 in his three seasons as a starter, and he led Dallas to the playoffs twice.

While Prescott’s status as an elite QB may be up for debate, his status as a winner is not. Even in the one season he failed to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs, the team had a winning record.

Will Dak Prescott be the first QB to sign a $200 million contract?

Prescott’s contract has no fifth-year option, so he’ll likely get the franchise tag or a big extension soon. Ideally, Dallas would take a “wait and see” approach to see how Prescott performs this year. His performance in his career thus far, while good, has hardly merited the highest amount of money handed out in league history. However, the Cowboys are never afraid to make a splash with players who win for them.

Based on Jerry Jones’ willingness to spend on his big-name players in the past coupled with Prescott’s contract situation, it’s likely he’ll be either the first QB to sign a $200 million contract or the second after Russell Wilson.