NFL Draft: Can the Dolphins Trade up to No. 1 for Joe Burrow?

The Miami Dolphins had another rough season where their quarterback woes continued, yet again. With a quarterback like Joe Burrow coming into the NFL, however, the team could have more hope than they have had in ages. There is one problem, however. While the Dolphins would love to have Burrow, he is likely to go number one overall in the 2020 NFL draft, and Miami would have to give up assets to secure such a hot commodity. Should they do it? Can they? Let’s find out.

What’s so special about Joe Burrow? 

Before his final season, Joe Burrow wasn’t the hot commodity that he is today. Although Louisiana State had done well with Burrow in 2018, his 2019 season was a breakout unlike few had ever seen. A good, but flawed, quarterback went from a 57% completion rate with 16 touchdowns and 2,894 yards during his junior season to a Heisman winner and a favorite for the upcoming NFL draft. 

Burrow had as good a year as somebody in college can hope for. He upped his completion percentage to 76.3%, a nearly 20% improvement from the previous season. He also nearly doubled his yardage, throwing for 5,671 on the season. All of that was good for 60 touchdowns against only six interceptions. It is no wonder why LSU was able to come out on the other side on top of other teams. 

With a powerful arm and ridiculous accuracy, Burrow could become a star as soon as he takes the field for an NFL team. If the Dolphins want to get out of the cellar, then they should consider trying to pry the number one pick from the Cincinnati Bengals’ hands. 

The Dolphins’ quarterback woes

The Dolphins have not had much luck since the years after losing Dan Marino to retirement in 1999 and making it to the playoffs twice behind the arm of Jay Fiedler during the first years of the new millennium. Since 2001, the team has only made it into the postseason one time, and a revolving door of quarterbacks might explain why.

From an injury-riddled Daunte Culpepper to the years of Chad Pennington and Chad Henne, the team has struggled to maintain any semblance of good play with whoever runs the offense. Combine that with some injury issues, and it becomes borderline comical. Ryan Tannehill was the team’s longest-tenured starting quarterback with six seasons, but only had one postseason run to show for it. 

In the 2019 season, the combination of Josh Rosen, who only lasted three games, and Ryan Fitzpatrick was good for just five wins, and the team is once again looking for their next big answer at the quarterback position. 

Can the Dolphins maneuver for Joe Burrow? 

The Miami Dolphins need a long-term solution at quarterback; do they have the assets to trade to No. 1 in the NFL draft to take Joe Burrow?
Joe Burrow hoists the National Championship trophy. | Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

While it might be hard to convince the Bengals to part with the opportunity of drafting Joe Burrow, it might not be impossible. The Dolphins have two first-round picks, the fifth and the eighteenth, that could net them some serious talks with the Bengals if they were so inclined. Bret LaGasse explored that possibility for DolphinsWire. 

According to LaGasse, a deal like this isn’t completely out of the question. The team not only has its two picks from this season, but they also have three more from the next one. A package of these is enough to attract nearly any team who is looking to get younger quickly. In 2012, he points out that the Redskins had to trade four picks to land Robert Griffin III in a trade that quickly went south. 

Lots would have to go right for the Dolphins to get the done, and the Bengals’ interest would still be in question. However, if the Dolphins want to finally get their guy at the quarterback position, they will need to get bold and swing for the fences, whether it is for Joe Burrow or an unforeseen option that can fall into their laps.