NFL Fans Can’t Stop Making Fun of New Rams Logo

Over the last two years, the Los Angeles Rams have been on the path toward revamping their entire logo and color scheme ahead of debuting in the Sofi Stadium for the 2020 season. That has built up plenty of anticipation over the new look, but the excitement was tempered a bit with the logo being leaked on social media earlier this month. With that in mind, it made the release of the brand new look on Monday more of a laugh-fest for NFL fans that the team decided to go that route.

Rams release new logos

Despite a possible leak of the new logo, the Rams operated over the last couple of weeks without truly acknowledging the situation.

LA has been quite secretive about the entire matter, especially in the days leading up to Monday afternoon. The team made their announcement to showcase the new look that the franchise will move forward with heading into their first season at Sofi Stadium.

The logo looked nearly the same as the one that was leaked earlier this month aside from the color scheme. The Rams have elected to go the route of utilizing blue, yellow, and white for their uniforms. Meanwhile, the team also released another look aside from the LA incorporated logo by having a modernized Ram as part of the new packaged emblems.

The blue has been named Rams Royal, which is earned its title after “the legacy that the color Royal has with the organization. The yellow hue is named Sol after “the bold sunshine of Southern California and also represents the ‘soul’ of the team.”

NFL fans react to the new Rams logo

It hasn’t taken long for there to be a strong reaction to the Rams’ new look that has mostly been on the negative side of things poking fun at the design.

There have been fans pointing to the fact that it looked quite similar to the Chargers’ logo, while others took their own spin on it by spelling out the word “LAME” with an extended design.

It has been hard to find any type of positive reaction to the LA version of the logo. Much has been in the way of either disappointment with how it turned out or how it turned out entirely after two years of preparation for this massive reveal.

However, there has been more positive feedback toward the new design of the Ram that many are voicing that should be the primary look instead. It may just be the immediate reaction, but it’s one that in many ways mirrors what the LA Chargers dealt with when they attempted to push out a new logo back in January 2017.

How will the Rams respond?

It may just be just over an hour since the new designs were officially released, but the underwhelming sentiment is quite clear.

There will be a response to the criticism and negative comments at some point, but the Rams will likely cast a wider net with the reactions and responses to their new logo schemes. LA put a lot of work into packaging the new logo and other designs over the last couple of years while keeping that behind closed doors.

It’s too early to suggest the team will do anything to adjust or change any of their new editions. There will continue to be ridicule tossed their way for the LA version of the logo, but it’s something that they may hold hope will grow on their own fan base and other NFL fans alike over the next several months ahead of the 2020 season and opening of their new stadium that will include new uniforms as well.