NFL Insider Jay Glazer Transformed His Passions Into an Impressive Net Worth

For professional athletes, the press can sometimes be the enemy. Just ask Marshawn Lynch who once spent an entire interview telling reporters, “I’m’ just here so I don’t get fined.” Every once in a while though you find a journalist that’s able to make in-roads with professional athletes, forming relationships that are built on mutual respect in the process. Jay Glazer, famous NFL insider, is one such person. 

Trusted insider

Jay Glazer is considered the most connected sportswriter and broadcaster in America. Over the course of a nearly 30-year career reporting on the NFL, Glazer has developed an extensive network of connections and is responsible for being the first to report on more breaking NFL stories than the average person can count.

Among Glazer’s most prominent scoops are an exclusive interview with Richie Incognito during the bullying scandal of 2013, breaking the story of the Patriots stealing the Jets’ signals, Brett Favre’s retirement, and Plaxico Burress accidentally shooting himself in the foot at a nightclub. 

Glazer’s ability to break football-related stories before anybody else has made him one of the most trusted NFL insiders in history. But how did he get there?

How Jay Glazer became an NFL insider

In 1992, Glazer graduated from Pace University with a bachelor’s degree in mass media. Glazer got his start writing for the New York Post. While writing for the post, Glazer made connections with prominent New York Giants including Jason Sehorn and Michael Strahan. The integrity that he embodied through his treatment of New York athletes earned him a reputation as a trustworthy journalist. 

Following his time with the post, Glazer became the host of Unnecessary Roughness, a football show on MSG, as well as a commentator on NYC’s WCBS. During this period, he also wrote for Giants Newsweekly, a periodical focusing exclusively on the New York Giants.

It was here that he began to forge a relationship with many prominent athletes. At the center of his journalistic approach is an emphasis on fair and honest reporting and relationship building with professional athletes. His brand has become so recognizable throughout his career that he’s even had cameos in a handful of sports-related movies over the years.

Glazer has worked as a correspondent and NFL insider for Fox since 2004 where he’s given sports fans exclusive coverage on some of the biggest football-related stories of the past 20 years.

Jay Glazer’s net worth and other business ventures

Glazer has had a long and prolific career as both a journalist and a television personality. Over nearly three decades reporting on the NFL, Glazer has amassed a modest fortune, which is especially impressive considering his roots are in journalism and sports writing. Currently, Glazer is worth an estimated $15 million. The secret to his success? Diversifying his interests and acting on his passions

A key part of his philosophy is branching out. Since gaining fame reporting on the NFL, Glazer has branched out into MMA. In 2014, Glazer opened a mixed martial arts gym called “Unbreakable” where he helps to train NFL players in order to increase their fortitude and mental toughness. He himself is an active martial artist.

When he’s not writing, fighting, or uncovering NFL dirt, Glazer is an active philanthropist. In 2015, he launched MVP, which stands for “Merging Vets and Players.” MVP seeks to pair veterans returning to civilian life with retiring professional athletes in a partnership program that helps both demographics make a successful transition back into the everyday world.

Glazer has had his own success at every venture that he’s tried, from his main career, to his side hustle, and even his charity work due to a strong work ethic and no shortage of personal integrity.