NFL Legend Jim Brown Was Once Accused Of Extremely Dark Crimes

Jim Brown still holds the firm prestige as one of the greatest players in NFL history. The former Cleveland Browns great’s legacy remains intact with much respect and admiration from his peers. However, Brown‘s life away from football had several questionable incidents. One of which centers on serious legal allegations made against him.

Jim Brown holds history of questionable incidents

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Following Jim Brown‘s illustrious NFL career, his life took a concerning path in the decades that followed.

The former Browns great dealt with several troubling situations involving alleged physical violence and mental abuse of women. Brown saw various charges against him crop up; almost all centered on him possibly assaulting different women.

Although these incidents didn’t result in conviction outside of a one-day jail sentence from his situation with pro golfer Frank Snow, it has followed him over the years. These matters also include some extremely dark allegations pressed against him.

Jim Brown was once charged with rape and sexual battery

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Among Jim Brown’s dark past off the field, he had a troubling legal situation in 1985.

The former Browns great was charged with raping and assaulting a 33-year-old woman in his home. The case stemmed from alleged physical and sexual violence against the woman, and other actions initially led to his then-girlfriend, Carol Moses, being arrested. He was released on $17,500 bail and Moses on $1,000 bail.

According to the LA Times, the victim in the incident testified that she told Brown to stop and attempted to leave the home. He responded with, “you’re not going anywhere.” Brown then slapped her and hit her on her head, stomach, perforated her eardrum, and choked her, causing her to slip into unconsciousness.

The woman then stated that Brown carried her to his bedroom and removed some of her clothing. At that point, he allegedly instructed Moses to have sexual contact with her, followed by him taking off the rest of her clothes and raping her.

Moses testified to the grand jury that she had a physical fight with the 33-year-old woman, who had visible signs of being beaten, because of “lesbian advances toward her.” All that allegedly led Brown to step in to break up the fight.

The former NFL great reportedly told reporters concerning the case that “this is ridiculous. Everybody is lying…I want the total truth to come out. All the truth. My name has been totally destroyed.”

Charges against him dropped

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The entire case against Brown and Moses began to crumble because of the 33-year-old woman’s varying statements.

The prosecutors had a stunning reversal as they no longer believed their evidence in the case and asked the judge to dismiss all the charges. A critical part in that decision came due to undermining the victim’s creditability due to inconsistencies between her statements to police and her testimony.

The concerning details came with whether Brown had fully or partially penetrated her. She initially told police he had fully penetrated her, which she changed in her testimony that he partially penetrated her. The woman also told police that Brown tied her hands down, but she voiced in court that he only forcibly held her hands.

Brown averted the entire situation, but the incident still sticks around in his past. Although his illustrious NFL legacy vastly overshadows the case, it’s still part of his life story. The repeated instances of questionable acts against women certainly don’t paint a positive picture of his character away from football.