NFL May Have Already Decided on Antonio Brown’s Fate for the 2019 Season

It has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for star wide receiver Antonio Brown over the last few months as he sits outside the league. Many of his problems have come from off-the-field incidents pushing him off the roster with his previous two teams. The NFL is set to meet with Brown this week, but it appears his fate for this season may have already been clarified.

Antonio Brown’s struggle to get back into the NFL

In the months heading into this season, it was expected that Brown would be a massive factor for the Oakland Raiders offense.

Fast forward to this week, and Brown is currently floating on the free-agent market after being let by the Raiders and waived by the New England Patriots in less than two weeks with the franchise. All of Browns’ issues have stemmed from legal matters off the field concerning a pair of sexual misconduct allegations.

The NFL has been conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, which has pushed teams away while the league takes a deeper dive into these situations. However, there are rumblings that his future for the 2019 season may already be decided.

Antonio Brown’s fate this season may already be known

Since the Patriots let go of Brown, the NFL has been conducting a thorough investigation into the serious allegations the star wide receiver faces.

The league is set to talk with the 31-year-old at some point this week, but Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the expectation is that Brown will not be able to play in 2019.

Barring a significant turn of events, Antonio Brown is not expected to play again this season, league sources told ESPN.

Brown is continuing to push for his return to the NFL, and he is scheduled to meet with the league Thursday to address the sexual assault allegations he faces, but obstacles await the free-agent wide receiver at every step.

That development shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Brown is dealing with two serious legal issues. The NFL doesn’t want that hovering over the head of any potential team that would sign him as he could be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list while the investigation is worked through.

The report also brings more clarity to Brown’s outburst on social media and sudden backtracking earlier this week. There is a strong desire from the All-Pro wideout to make a return, but that looks like it will have to wait until 2020 if those legal issues work out in his favor.

Antonio Brown’s NFL future is out of his hands

The entire situation around Brown is out of his hands at this point as it will all come down to how his legal issues transpire.

There is no denying that he remains one of the top wide receivers in the game, but there is still much up in the air. If he’s able to move past these situations without any legal punishment, it will see some teams line up to acquire him.

That was nearly the case with the Seattle Seahawks before they decided to pick up star wideout Josh Gordon on waivers last week. His talent is certainly worth the risk, but at this point, there is no telling what lies ahead of him.

The NFL will have some much-needed clarity on the matter in the coming weeks that will begin with their meeting with Brown this week. The writing is on the wall that his 2019 campaign is likely over, but there is still much to unfold around him that will have a significant impact on his future in the league.