The NFL Needed 9 Words to Confirm Aaron Rodgers Blatantly Lied in His Explosive Interview with Pat McAfee

Article Highlights:

  • Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said an NFL-related doctor told him vaccinated people cannot contract COVID-19
  • The NFL immediately denied the three-time MVP’s claim
  • Rodgers’ controversial interview with Pat McAfee could create serious issues for the Packers

If the world wanted to hear why Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers share his side of why he’s unvaccinated, it’s probably an understatement to say they should be careful what they wish for going forward.

Rodgers, who will miss a Week 9 showdown with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs while in COVID-19 protocol, made plenty of bold and controversial comments during an explosive interview with Pat McAfee. The NFL understandably took umbrage to a specific claim the three-time NFL MVP made on Friday, Nov. 5.

Aaron Rodgers said an NFL-affiliated doctor told him vaccinated people cannot contract COVID-19

A book isn’t large enough to cover everything Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show. The 37-year-old quarterback discussed everything from homeopathic treatments to his issues with both political parties. He even quoted Martin Luther King Jr. in a nearly 50-minute conversation with the former Pro Bowl punter.

Midway through his segment with McAfee, Rodgers said the NFL told him earlier this year that he’d be placed in the “unvaccinated” category even if he was granted a medical exemption. The nine-time Pro Bowler added he gathered over 500 pages of research regarding immunization, vaccines, and antibodies, among other virus-related information. 

According to Awful Announcing, Rodgers explained that although he and the league had “many conversations,” he still thought about one involving a league-affiliated doctor. 

“I had a meeting, and one of the main docs said, ‘It’s impossible for a vaccinated person to get COVID or spread COVID.’ And at that point, I knew I was definitely not going to win the appeal. And it was very shortly after that denied. And we know now that information is totally false that was given to me.”

Aaron Rodgers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing most infections, but breakthrough cases, or cases where someone who is vaccinated contracts the virus, are expected because no COVID vaccine is “100% effective.” 

“Fully vaccinated people with a vaccine breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated and get COVID-19,” the CDC says on its website.

The NFL immediately threw cold water on Rodgers’ comments

The NFL has plenty of damage control to do after Rodgers’ controversial interview. It didn’t take long for the process to start.

In the immediate aftermath of Rodgers’ interview, ProFootballTalk published his comments about a league-affiliated doctor’s vaccine comments. The website also said they reached out to the NFL for a response.

“No doctor from the league or the joint NFL-NFLPA infectious disease consultants communicated with the player,” a league spokesperson told ProFootballTalk later on Friday. “If they had, they certainly would have never said anything like that.”

In layman’s terms, “they certainly would have never said anything like that” is the NFL’s way of saying Rodgers lied to McAfee.

Furthermore, The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones tweeted a league source told her that “Rodgers never spoke with a league MD or one of the jointly appointed infectious disease experts.” The source even said the league offered such an opportunity.

Rodgers’ explosive interview has the potential to create serious problems for the Packers

Even in the modern 24-hour news cycle, some stories tend to last longer and remain more relevant than others. Rodgers’ lengthy interview with McAfee certainly qualifies as a potential candidate to join that group.

On Friday afternoon, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur made it clear that he had no desire to discuss his quarterback’s comments. The third-year head coach also said he likely does not plan to watch Rodgers’ appearance on McAfee’s show.

It will be worth monitoring to see how other Packers players respond if asked, especially after Sunday’s game, about Rodgers’ interview. Running back Aaron Jones previously declined to discuss the quarterback’s vaccine status and incorrectly cited HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, in the process.

Jordan Love, the interim starter in Rodgers’ absence, is vaccinated. He said he wasn’t “crazy shocked” his teammate tested positive because another Packers quarterback, Kurt Benkert, is also on the COVID-19 list.

We’ll see if Love addresses Rodgers’ comments in the coming days. Something tells us, though, we won’t hear the Utah State product credit taking ivermectin if he does indeed upset the Chiefs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Over 423 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given in the United States from December 14, 2020, through November 1, 2021. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.”

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