NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Shreds Urban Meyer After Latest Explosive Jaguars Report

The Jacksonville Jaguars undoubtedly regret hiring Urban Meyer as their head coach. Whether or not the front office is willing to admit the extent of its remorse, the move turned out to be the biggest coaching flop in recent NFL memory.

Meyer quickly lost the respect of his players, coaching staff, and people around the league. The 57-year-old coach lasted just 13 games in Duval County, but it’s a miracle he didn’t get fired sooner. Months after his firing, more news is emerging about his ineptitude as a head coach.

NFL Network personality Rich Eisen is disgusted by the latest news, and he recently had some choice words about Meyer.

Rich Eisen rips Urban Meyer’s tumultuous tenure with the Jaguars

Jayson Jenks and Mike Sando of The Athletic recently dropped a story providing an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes drama that occurred while Urban Meyer was at the helm. The journalists interviewed Jaguars players and other members of the organization. The resounding theme wasn’t pleasant.

Rich Eisen had a strong reaction when the news broke. With a couple of days to let the dust settle, he sounded off on Meyer during a recent airing of The Rich Eisen Show.

“Urban Meyer, being, as I said here, the biggest coaching flop in the history of the NFL,” said Eisen. “To find out that just how bad we thought it was, wasn’t as bad as it really was.”

The longtime journalist and sports media personality suggested a real NFL coach wouldn’t think of doing the things alleged in the report.

“Doug Pederson, things he will not do is threaten to fire his coaches after calling them losers. He will not make a player cry because he has so criticized said player. He won’t threaten to cut players and that they should listen to him because once they’re cut, they quote, ‘Couldn’t get a job paying more than $15 an hour.'”

The Athletic reported many other egregious offenses by Urban Meyer, too many to name. Rich Eisen couldn’t believe what he read and blasted the failed head coach.

“This guy is so far gone,” he said. “What a fraud. He was in charge of college kids doing this for so long. What a fraud.”

Meyer’s lack of awareness was disgraceful

Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer looks on during game against the Rams
Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars reacts during loss to the Los Angeles Rams | Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Urban Meyer managed to make a fool of himself in less than one full season in the NFL. Not only was the on-field product difficult to watch, but he also made several leadership errors along the way. From not flying back on the team plane with the Jaguars after a primetime loss to degrading his coaches and players, he went wrong on many occasions.

Beyond his leadership failures, Meyer also exposed his lack of knowledge and awareness of the pro game. In the explosive report, unnamed sources alleged that the head coach was unfamiliar with several NFL stars, including Deebo Samuel, Jamal Adams, and Aaron Donald.

For a head coach not to know any of those guys is shameful, especially Aaron Donald. The Los Angeles Rams superstar has won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award three times.

Rich Eisen was flabbergasted at Meyer’s complete and utter lack of awareness.

“You walk into a room before playing the Rams and say, ‘Who’s this 99 guy on the Rams? I’m hearing he may be a problem for us.’ Which is the oddest mash-up of a Jay-Z song I’ve ever heard. Not knowing who Aaron Donald was prior to playing the Rams. Talk about lazy. How do you think that lands in a professional locker room after you’ve already kicked your kicker and not come back on the plane four weeks in?”

The failed Jags experiment is a cautionary tale for hiring coaches without NFL experience

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan and general manager Trent Baalke may believe they did their due diligence when hiring Urban Meyer as head coach. However, they were sadly mistaken.

The infractions listed in that report should never occur in an NFL locker room or any locker room for that matter. When so many people are speaking out, there must be validity to these claims at some point.

Newly-acquired Detroit Lions wide receiver D.J. Chark spent his first four seasons in Jacksonville, but he says the vibes were much different with Meyer at the helm.

“The way he was running the ship, it was impossible to succeed,” said Chark. “You’ve got players in fear that they’re going to lose their jobs. You’ve got coaches who he belittled in front of us, and I can only imagine what he was doing behind closed doors. I’m surprised he lasted that long, to be honest with you.”

Urban Meyer enjoyed success in college football, but the NFL is a different beast. He assumed he could waltz in do whatever he wanted, but that didn’t get him far. Because of Meyer and the Jags, teams will think twice before gambling on another coach with no NFL experience.

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