NFL Offensive Coordinator on Tom Brady: ‘I Just Don’t Think He Can Carry a Team Now’

Despite winning his seventh Super Bowl this past NFL season, Tom Brady is still doubted by some critics.

In a recent survey, a current NFL offensive coordinator shared his belief that Brady doesn’t have what it takes to carry his team to victory anymore.

Naturally, Brady would disagree and point to his seven Super Bowl rings as proof of his greatness. However, this offensive coordinator gave the reasons why he thinks Brady is not at the top of his game anymore.

Tom Brady can’t carry a team anymore

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about to warm up before playing in Super Bowl LV | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The aforementioned NFL offensive coordinator is not alone in his thoughts about Tom Brady. The Athletic surveyed 50 NFL personnel including head coaches, former head coaches, and others, about all NFL quarterbacks. The publication asked the personnel to rank each quarterback on a tiered system. In the end, Brady did rank in the highest tier. But he ranked lower than two other quarterbacks.

The anonymous personnel gave several reasons for Brady’s ranking. But the main explanation seems to be that he needs more help than in years past.

The anonymous offensive coordinator said, “There were too many games where they weren’t really doing a whole lot, and the defense or somebody made a big play. I think he’s really good. I just don’t think he can carry a team now,

The evidence could be seen in the 2021 NFC Championship Game where Brady threw three interceptions against the Green Bay Packers, as CBS Sports reports. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, not their QB, saved the day when the Packers marched down the field in the fourth quarter, almost tying the game.

So which quarterbacks ranked ahead of Brady in this survey? Two who most experts and fans would agree deserve the top spots.

Patrick Mahomes ranks second

To no one’s surprise, the player just ahead of Brady on this list is his Super Bowl counterpart, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and 2018 NFL MVP: Patrick Mahomes.

They praised Mahomes for his mobility and the passes he makes under pressure.

One former NFL coach said: “Mahomes epitomizes what you want in that guy. “He makes those throws when he has to move and he sees the field, he can extend the play and he can stay in the pocket and make throws. He’s really grown a lot more than I thought he would be capable of.”

High praise for a quarterback who has only been in the league since 2017.

Aaron Rodgers ranks No. 1 of all NFL quarterbacks


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Not shocking who the top quarterback in the game is: the Packers’ Rodgers. The current NFL MVP was the unanimous choice among the voters. So what makes him different from Mahomes and Brady? Rodgers’ teams win because of him, not in spite of him. 

He seems to thrive when his team needs him the most. Rodgers received high praise from several NFL defensive coordinators. One told The Athletic:

“It’s his complete command of everything that is going on on the field that makes the difference,” a defensive coach said. “I’m talking about how they utilize their timeouts, what’s the tempo, who he wants on the field for offensive personnel, what the alignments are, what the adjusted formations are, what the play clock is, making the defense show the disguise, getting the defensive line in the neutral zone. Those are the things that he does all the time, every week, that make me want to take two Excedrin just saying that to you today.”

No matter where each quarterback ranked, they are still considered the three best in the league today.