NFL Overtime Rule: Colts New Proposal Still Has Serious Flaws

The NFL desperately needs to fix the overtime rule before the 2022 season begins. If that wasn’t clear before, the thrilling Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills Divisional Round game was more proof of that.

Everybody wanted to see Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes duel it out for a few more possessions at least, but the Chiefs ended the game with a Travis Kelce touchdown grab.

The overtime rule will unsurprisingly be a significant point of emphasis this offseason, and the Indianapolis Colts wasted no time throwing out a new proposal. While the suggested changes look good on the surface, there are still massive flaws with their idea, although this shows that changes are coming very soon.

The Colts suggested a change to the NFL overtime rule

Over the weekend, Judy Battista reported that Indy had submitted that proposal to alter the OT rules a little bit, something that every fan is waiting for.

The Colts’ proposal would guarantee both teams a possession, which is exactly what everybody was calling for in the infamous Allen-Mahomes showdown in one of the greatest NFL games in the history of the sport.

But, the Chiefs won the coin toss, and the rest was history, which then ignited a massive discussion about how these rules need to be changed.

However, as Battista reports, it is “unclear” if there is much support to change the OT rule at all. Worst case, this is a start, although there are still issues in this proposal.

The new OT rule still has some serious flaws in it

NFL analyst Michael Silver was spot-on with this assessment via the new OT rule. Yes, this would give both teams the possession and make it better.

However, it still has the same general issue. Let’s use the Chiefs-Bills game, for example. Mahomes leads Kansas City to a touchdown, Allen answers with a touchdown drive of his own.

The game is tied, and now it is sudden death. So, the Chiefs get the ball back, march down, and win on a Harrison Butker field goal. In this scenario, the winner of the coin toss still has an enormous advantage.

Yes, giving each team a possession is a step in the right direction, but another scenario must be more fitting. There will still be gripes about the coin toss playing a factor in the game’s outcome if this new proposal ends up being accepted.

The NFL will look long and hard to change the overtime rule when the Competition Committee meets

At least the NFL is thinking about changing the overtime rule.
Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs kicks the game-tying field goal against the Buffalo Bills | David Eulitt/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time the NFL has changed the overtime rules. It used to be sudden death, and then they made the change.

As of now, if you score a touchdown on the first possession of OT, you win the game. Otherwise, it is sudden death after that. It’s strange, and the fact that the NFL doesn’t adopt something else is confusing.

Another issue that needs to be examined is games ending in a tie, but that is another conversation to be had with the NFL.

Nonetheless, the NFL Competition Committee will take a long look at changing the OT rule in one way or another (h/t Michael Baca of

Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL Competition Committee, said Sunday there is no question proposed changes to overtime will be brought up.

Michael Baca

That is good news. The NFL knows they need to try and change the OT rules. Now the question is, will that end up happening or not?

All changes need a majority vote to pass, although it is hard to imagine that most aren’t on board with these new rules. Some OT rules could be just for playoffs, and some for the regular season.

All in all, changes are coming in some shape or form. Although the proposal by the Colts is a starting point, there must be a better option out there.

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