NFL: Rams Are Making Their Intentions Clear With Jalen Ramsey

Last week, the Los Angeles Rams made the big-splash move to acquire All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey to beef up their secondary. Questions have now quickly shifted over to the team’s commitment to Ramsey beyond his current deal with a lucrative extension. The Rams are potentially set to make their plans involving the star defensive back that much clearer.

Rams acquire Jalen Ramsey

Following winning their first three games of the season, the Rams fell to their straight losses that drew some significant concern about their chances to win their division let alone reaching the playoffs.

The front office quickly responded by making some trades to shake things up that saw them ship off former cornerback Marcus Peters that led to landing Ramsey in exchange for a pair of first-round picks and a 2021 fourth-round selection. The trade helped bring much-needed stability to their secondary after both safety John Johnson and Aqib Talib were placed on the injury reserve.

Since the move, there has been prominent talk around the team’s intentions of getting a new lucrative extension in place to secure Ramsey’s long-term future with the franchise. The latest talk around the Rams makes clear what they plan to do with the Pro Bowler.

Rams are open to moving Aqib Talib, other veterans

The Rams have shown no fear over the last few years of making moves that they believe will only help improve the team.

With the Rams having one of the best cornerbacks in the game now on the roster, the front office is looking to get his contract situation figured out. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Los Angeles is open to trading a few veteran players such as Aqib Talib to make room to sign Ramsey to an extension.

The Rams still could be open to moving on from veteran players in the last year of their contracts as part of an effort to free up more money for a player likeĀ Jalen Ramsey, league sources told ESPN.

One prime candidate to be traded could be veteran cornerbackĀ Aqib Talib, who already turned down the chance to be traded last week, according to sources.

Although there hasn’t been any urgency expressed to get a new deal with the 24-year-old worked out now, the Rams don’t appear that they want to let the situation linger. There were initial reports that Ramsey wouldn’t hold out next offseason if there weren’t a new deal in place.

There was also chatter the Rams had attempted to move Talib earlier this season, but he was opposed to it to the point that he had informed at least one team that he wouldn’t show up. He is currently in the final year of his six-year, $56 million deal.

The Rams’ focus remains on 2019 season

Los Angeles may be open to making additional moves ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline, but the bigger task at hand is making a push to the playoffs.

The Rams’ three-game losing streak displayed the team’s struggles at times with consistency with their protection upfront on the offensive line while their secondary had become battered up. It led to the need to land a game-changing talent such as Ramsey to help secure that end of things.

The team still has an uphill battle to climb to get back into contention for the playoffs, but the team is moving in the right direction after a convincing win last Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons and are hoping to do the same against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8.

In the meantime, it’s quite clear that the Rams have every intention of making Ramsey a long-term piece in the puzzle.