NFL: Rob Gronkowski Set to Make Huge Announcement

Since stepping away from the game, former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been busy off the field with several different ventures. However, there has continued to be a link towards him making a return with the Patriots. With that all in mind, Gronkowski has stated he has a major announcement coming up in the next few days that has sparked the dialogue around his football future once again.

Rob Gronkowski’s post-career ventures

Over the last several months since his decision to retire, Gronkowski has ramped up his involvement with various activities off the field.

He has spread his wings into other areas that he wouldn’t have normally been able to do during his playing days. Gronkowski is currently a public representative for Abacus Health, a company that produces medical products that combine “CBD hemp extract and oil from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant along with active pharmaceutical ingredients” to help with pain relief.

The 30-year-old has also joined Fox Sports as an NFL analyst, where he is part of the coverage of Thursday night football. Although he is away from the game, he is still around in some capacity that has kept the comeback talk around him alive despite him repeatedly stating that he is finished playing football.

Rob Gronkowski’s upcoming announcement

Throughout this entire process, Gronkowski has continued to keep up his involvement in different endeavors.

Each of his first few moves away from the game have each come with some surprise as there will be another on Tuesday morning as he has voiced via his Instagram story that he will be making a major announcement.

Gronkowski was quite vague in his description of what lies ahead of him, calling it “fun, wild, and a good time.” There isn’t much to go by here, but the talk of his return will continue to linger, mainly due to the timing of this announcement being just under two weeks away from the deadline for him to still play in the 2019 season.

There hasn’t been any indication that Gronkowski is heading that route, but at the same time, he has been quite unpredictable with his decisions over the last several months. It would be hardpressed to find anyone that had an inkling that he was going to become an NFL analyst for Fox Sports.

What lies ahead of Rob Gronkowski?

Regardless of what Gronkowski has lined up next off the field, there will continue to remain a strong outside push to get him back on the field.

He has put together a nine-year career, where he has etched himself as one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. Gronkowski dealt with several significant injuries along the way, but his impact on the field was unmatched as he proved to be a major playmaker beyond his ability in the passing game.

Gronkowski is still relatively young while he still maintains a strong relationship with the Patriots organization, where he has massive support from owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady. The door is always going to be open for a return with New England as Kraft has made it quite clear that is in favor of that, but the ball is in the former Pro Bowler’s court to make that move.

In the meantime, this upcoming announcement should provide some further indication of where Gronkowski is at regarding any chance of a return this season. The clock is ticking for him to be eligible to still play in 2019, and Tuesday morning will be a significant step towards finally quieting that noise around him over the next few months.