NFL Star Myles Garrett Has His Sights Set on Going Pro in Another Sport Entirely

Near the end of February, the Dallas Mavericks sit at 15-15, just barely outside of the Western Conference playoff picture. They could use one more player to put them over the top. An unlikely savior has offered his services — Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

Garrett hits the hardwood

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Garrett is coming off a tremendous season with the Browns. Despite missing two games, he picked up 12 sacks and 48 tackles and made the AFC Pro Bowl roster. He was a key part of Cleveland’s first playoff season in 18 years. But as seen above, playing defensive end is just one of Garrett’s many talents.

Wednesday afternoon, the defensive star posted the above tweet to his Twitter account.

In case you’re wondering why Garrett called out the Mavericks’ owner in particular, there’s a simple reason for that. Garrett hails from Arlington, Texas, the suburb of Dallas where both the Cowboys and Rangers play. Garrett also went to college at Texas A&M.

Perhaps he might be better off in the NBA. After all, in basketball, there are no helmets for players to hit each other with.

Myles knows (some) basketball

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Myles Garrett’s wanderlust toward basketball shouldn’t come completely out of left field…or out of half-court, to keep with the basketball theme. According to, basketball was one of the multiple sports he lettered in at Martin High School in Arlington, along with football and track.

Over the past few years, multiple videos of Garrett on the hardwood have surfaced. In June, he posted a video to his Instagram (which you can see above) which shows him making a dunk while completely jumping over someone else. For him to do something like this while weighing 270 pounds is a testament to Garrett’s sheer athletic ability.

His half-brother, Sean Williams, played in the NBA and various other professional leagues from 2007 to 2012. One of the teams he played for was, coincidentally, the Dallas Mavericks. He also played for Dallas’ G-League team, the Texas Legends, from 2010-2013.