NFL Teams With the Most Hall of Famers — And 2 Teams With None

A player entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a momentous occasion for an NFL franchise. The longer a team has existed, the higher the number of Hall of Famers they likely have. Conversely, some of the newer NFL teams still need time to play catch up with the older organizations. Let’s take a look at the three NFL teams with the most Hall of Famers, as well as two that have zero enshrined in Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Teams with the most Hall of Famers

3. Dallas Cowboys: 24

It should come as no surprise that a franchise known as “America’s Team” has the third-most players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some of their top Hall of Famers include:

  • Roger Staubach: Before Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, the Triplets, or the mini-dynasty of the ’90s, Dallas had Roger Staubach. As a Cowboy, he won two Super Bowl titles over 11 seasons.
  • Troy Aikman: The leader of the ’90s version of the Cowboys, Aikman led the team to three championships in four years. 
  • Emmitt Smith: Remembered as one of the most consistent running backs of all time, Smith was the Cowboys’ workhorse. He led the league in rushing four times and is still the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. 

2. Oakland Raiders: 26

With four Super Bowl titles, the Raiders are one of the NFL’s most decorated teams. Some of their top Canton inductees include: 

  • Howie Long: Long spent the majority of his career playing for the team in LA. During that time he was one of the league’s best defenders, totaling 84 sacks and eight Pro Bowl appearances. 
  • Marcus Allen: One of the best running backs of the ’80s, Allen helped the Raiders win a Super Bowl. He also won Rookie of the Year and an MVP Award during his illustrious career.

1. Chicago Bears: 33

Of course, the oldest NFL franchise has the most Hall of Famers. Here are two of the most famous Chicago Bears: 

  • Walter Payton: The Hall of Fame inducted the running back known as “Sweetness” in 1993. Along with being a key component of the Bears’ 1985 Super Bowl victory, he won an MVP and is still the league’s second all-time leading rusher. 
  • George Halas: It’s hard to say any Bear made an impact on the franchise like Halas. He founded and owned the team while serving as coach for a jaw-dropping 40 seasons, being involved with the organization for 64 years

Teams with zero Hall of Famers

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville entered the league in 1995. Several Jaguars could be considered either Hall of Fame-worthy or on the cusp of going to Canton:

  • Mark Brunell: He was the city’s first successful quarterback, leading the team to an AFC Championship game appearance in 1996. 
  • Tony Boselli: Easily the franchise’s best offensive lineman ever, he likely will be inducted to Canton one day. 
  • Jalen Ramsey: Likely too early to call, but Ramsay is one of the league’s best corners. If he can consistently produce over the next five to 10 seasons the way he has since college, he may have a bust waiting for him someday.

Houston Texans

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Another relatively recent expansion team, the Houston Texans don’t have a single Hall of Famer to their name. But they do have a few cases worth considering: 

  • Andre Johnson: This wide receiver is a lock to make it as soon as he’s eligible. 
  • JJ Watt: Watt is currently one of the league’s best defensive players and, like Johnson, he will be inducted upon reaching eligibility. 
  • Arian Foster: Foster’s career doesn’t have the longevity or sustained excellence needed for a Hall of Fame candidacy. That said, for a few seasons, he looked good enough for consideration. From 2010-12, Foster rushed for totals of 1,616, 1,224, and 1,424 respectively. He scored 41 touchdowns in that time frame and led the league twice.