The Best Touchdown Catches of 2019: Wilson to Lockett and More

Technically, all NFL catches mean the same thing. However, just like a slam dunk is more exciting than a layup in basketball, a well-timed catch in the NFL can elicit excitement that few other plays can. So far, this season has been ripe with highlight catches from the usual suspects and surprising additions. While it’s hard to say which catches are best, these five may be the best of the 2019 NFL season so far. 

5. Aaron Rodgers to Jamaal Williams 

Sometimes an ugly play on both ends results in a remarkable catch. As Aaron Rodgers looked like he was about to be tackled by the Chiefs’ defense and use yardage two yards from the endzone. There, Jamaal Williams was on the verge of either going out of bounds or being tackled, but he somehow came away with the ball and broke a 17-17 tie. The Packers won, 31-24.

4. Mason Rudolph to JuJu Smith-Schuster

With the Pittsburgh Steelers down 14-10 to the winless Miami Dolphins, Mason Rudolph’s throw looked like it had no shot at being caught by JuJu Smith-Schuster and would even be intercepted by Miami’s oft-embarrassed defense. However, Smith-Schuster reached around the defender and caught the go-ahead touchdown for the Steelers, who won 27-14. 

3. Josh Allen to Duke Williams

Duke Williams had been a member of the Buffalo Bills’ practice squad just two days before he took the field against the Tennessee Titans. That Sunday, he caught what would become the game-winning touchdown from Josh Allen in the fourth quarter.

Because of Williams’ unlikely place in the game, it immediately became one of the most memorable plays of the season. Regardless of where the Auburn University alum goes from here, he’ll always have that play to celebrate.

2. Jacoby Brissett to Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron struggled to record touchdowns through the beginning of the 2019 season. But when he finally broke out of his slump, he did so with grace and style. Brissett threw the ball slightly over Ebron’s head, but he didn’t give up on the play, even as the Texans’ defenders were on him.

With the Colts up 14-9 in the third quarter, Ebron reached into the air and grabbed the football with one hand avoiding stepping out of bounds and allowing the defenders to get him. The catch put the Colts up 20-9, and the Houston Texans would make it a game before Indianapolis secured a 30-23 victory. 

1. Russell Wilson to Trent Lockett

Russell Wilson has been the face of many exciting plays, but his throw to Trent Lockett in the first quarter of the Seattle Seahawks’ 30-29 victory over the Los Angeles Rams may have been the perfect combination of superstar throw and superstar catch.

Down 6-0 in the early moments of the game, Wilson delivered what looked like a possible overthrow to Lockett in the endzone. Locket honed in on the ball perfectly, however, getting there in just the right time to catch the ball by the sideline. It was the type of pitch-perfect precision that makes even the most casual NFL fans shake their heads in amazement.