NFL Week 4: Packers vs. Eagles and the 1 Other Most Interesting Match Up

With three weeks in the bag, the NFL is in full swing. There’s already been quarterback benchings, high-profile injuries, and the entire Antonio Brown saga and the season isn’t even a month through. Seven teams remain undefeated and seven teams who are still hunting for a win. There’s even been a tie game! Going into week 4 of the NFL season, several games may catch your interest, but these are the ones to keep a special eye on

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

The game of the week rarely falls on a Thursday. Since introducing the concept, the NFL has typically saved lopsided mismatches and games between two mediocre teams for their Thursday slate.

This is not the case for this matchup. The Packers are on a roll, outscoring their opponents 58-35 through the first three games. Safe to say that the Matt LaFleur era is off to a positive start. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of this game from the Packers’ point of view is the fact that the team has won this easily through three weeks without having a breakout performance.

Their defense has shown up every game and their offense has done what it needed, but many could expect the team to go on a scoring frenzy as they get more comfortable with the new schemes. 

From the Eagles’ side, the team is only 1-2 coming off of two playoff appearances, including a Super Bowl in 2018. The team has shown a knack for facing adversity head-on as they’ve seen their recent success, and Carson Wentz is still hungry for another star season.

The team will likely have to do this without DeSean Jackson, however, as he continues to struggle with an abdominal injury. 

Eagles/Packers Prediction

The Eagles may be hungry for a win, but the Packers have won comfortably every week. For the Eagles to win this week 4 matchup, they may have to strike early and keep it close. Otherwise, the Packers will be exactly where they want to be.

If Wentz can play to his highest level, the Eagles could upset the undefeated Packers, but the Jackson injury is going to hurt a lot. Expect the Packers to walk away 4-0 with at least a two-touchdown cushion.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

Like Packers-Eagles, the Cowboys and Saints have multiple levels of intrigue. The Cowboys are 3-0 heading into week 4 of the NFL season, and their offense has been on another level.

Through the first three games, the Cowboys are outscoring opponents 97-44. The Saints are also intriguing, as the team must show how well they can do without their veteran presence in Drew Brees, who is out indefinitely with a thumb injury and has typically performed well against Dallas. 

Dak Prescott has had a field-day against NFL defenses so far this season, and the Saints have allowed the most yards. This means that the Cowboys could be in for another monstrous offensive outing, and with Ezekiel Elliott now happily back with his team, he may be looking to feast on the New Orleans defense. 

From the Saints’ side, the intrigue lies with Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater is still a player who is regarded with much potential, and a win against an undefeated Cowboys could give him the confidence he needs going forward while Brees continues to recover. 

Cowboys/Saints Prediction

The Saints have a lot working against them going into week 4. However if Bridgewater can play to the best of his ability and the defense can hold the Cowboys offense in check, an upset could be in the cards. Smart money, however, would be on the Cowboys continuing their domination and putting on another offensive clinic en-route to a decisive victory.