NFL: When Will the Las Vegas Raiders Host the Super Bowl?

When an NFL team builds a new stadium, it’s usually just a matter of time before that team gets to host a Super Bowl. So when the Raiders’ new Las Vegas stadium opens, and the team officially starts playing in Sin City, the league probably won’t want to wait long before awarding the Raiders a Super Bowl. But the question is how soon will the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders be able to host the two-week-long celebration of football that is the Super Bowl?

Host cities are scheduled through 2022

The Las Vegas Raiders figure to host a Super Bowl at some point, the only question is when.
The Las Vegas Raiders’ stadium won’t be ready for some time. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Raiders won’t be able to host the Super Bowl until 2023 — at the earliest — because host cities have already been announced through 2022.

2020: South Florida

The next Super Bowl, coming up in February, will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. This will be the record-breaking 11th Super Bowl held in the Miami area, and the sixth time that the game takes place at this stadium, which originally opened as Joe Robbie Stadium in 1987.

The facility underwent renovations that ended in 2016, which reduced the capacity by about 10,000 seats but added such amenities as new video boards and suites.

2021: Tampa Bay

The NFL plans to stay in Florida for Super Bowl LV, but it’ll be moving from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast. Raymond James Stadium will be hosting its third Super Bowl, and it’ll be the fifth time overall that the game is in Tampa Bay. Like Miami, the Buccaneers’ stadium completed renovations in recent years that make the facility’s audio and video systems among the best in the league.

2022: Los Angeles

The as-yet-unopened new Rams and Chargers stadium was originally awarded Super Bowl LV, but it was bumped back a year due to construction delays that put its original opening date in flux. Because the stadium isn’t going to be ready until the 2020 season, the City of Angels has to wait until 2022 to host the Super Bowl because of a league rule requiring a stadium to be open for two full seasons before it can host the Big Game. The extra year wait should be worth it because the stadium in nearby Inglewood is expected to be among the best in the NFL, with a seating capacity of up to 100,000.

The Raiders add suites to lure the Super Bowl to Vegas

The Raiders know that you need lots of amenities in order to bring the Super Bowl to your stadium. That’s one reason why the stadium will cost about $40 million more than originally expected. That money is buying an extra 20 suites, bringing the expected total to 128.

Raiders president Mark Badain told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “the more suites you have, the better opportunity you have to bid for the Super Bowl,” so they wanted to add the extra suites to help in their bid to host the Super Bowl in 2025. That extra $40 million will buy a field-level club area and other upgrades, in addition to the suites.

Can the Raiders play in the Las Vegas Super Bowl?

To date, a team has never played a “home” game in a Super Bowl, so can the Raiders be a Super Bowl-caliber team by the time they’re hoping to host the game in 2025? That might be a lot to ask. Quarterback Derek Carr has not yet shown that he elite-level QB. And the Raiders don’t have many young offensive players who are expected to become superstars in the coming years. It’s unlikely the Raiders will be playing in the 2025 Super Bowl, whether it’s played in Las Vegas or elsewhere.