NHL: The Disgusting Sidney Crosby News That Will Make You Cringe

Sports and superstition seem to go together. No matter what the sport — baseball, basketball, football, or hockey — players can get funny when it comes to their habits, routines, or even the equipment they use. Many attach a certain significance to something they do or wear and can’t take the field, court, or ice without it.  Sidney Crosby is one of hockey’s biggest names, but he has one habit that is sure to make you cringe. 

Sidney Crosby’s career achievements 

We know athletes are superstitious, but NHL star Sidney Crosby has a disgusting routine.
NHL star Sidney Crosby has several notable achievement, and one disgusting superstition. | Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Before talking about Crosby’s one somewhat troubling trend, let’s take a look at what he’s done in his career:  

  • Three-time Stanley Cup champion
  • Eight-time All-Star
  • 446 goals
  • 770 assists
  • 1,216 points
  • 60 game-winning goals
  • Three-time Ted Lindsay Award winner (most outstanding player)
  • Two-time Art Ross Award winner (NHL scoring leader)
  • Two-time Conn Smythe Award winner (playoff MVP)

If Crosby has any superstitions or habits, he’d be wise to keep them up. They’re clearly working for him. He does have one, however, that falls on the rather disgusting side. 

Sidney Crosby’s weird and disgusting habit

Crosby is known as one of the league’s best and most consistent players. There’s no doubt that consistency comes from his superior talent and a lot of hard work. That said, there’s at least one ritual Crosby has that he’s done since before he was drafted. 

The Big Lead reported that Crosby has one tradition that seems rather, uh, unsanitary: 

“The superstar appeared on Barstool Sports’ Spittin Chiclets podcast and admitted that he’s been wearing the same jockstrap since high school.”

Crosby’s penchant for using the same jock since his peewee days must make it tough on the Penguins equipment manager as well as any teammates within smelling distance. 

Other famous athlete superstitions

As unusual as Sidney Crosby’s practice of wearing the same jockstrap for years is, he’s not alone. Many athletes have a superstition or ritual they follow religiously. Athletes are creatures of habit. Here are just a few of the most famous athlete superstitions: 

  • Former Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays third baseman Wade Boggs had a proclivity for eating chicken. Starting during his minor league days, he primarily ate the bird and referred to himself as a “chicketarian.” 
  • Former Red Sox, Dodgers, and Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra had an almost hilariously intricate plate routine that involved him readjusting his gloves and touching various parts of his uniform. Garciaparra did the routine in between every single pitch in a display that would make current “pace of play” advocates jump out of their seats. 
  • Former UNLV men’s basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian could hardly ever be seen on the sidelines without chewing on a towel
  • Michael Jordan wore his UNC basketball shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls shorts. That created a baggier look for NBA shorts and would be adopted throughout the league, replacing the short-shorts the league previously showcased. 
  • When Brian Urlacher played linebacker for the Chicago Bears, he was known for being one of the top athletes in the league. He also liked to indulge in a sweet treat before every game. Urlacher ate two chocolate chip cookies every Sunday before kickoff. 
  • Athletes are finely tuned machines that require the best nutritional habits to ensure peak performance. No one told that to former NBA star Caron Butler, though. Butler had a habit of drinking several ounces of Mountain Dew during each game before his team, the Washington Wizards, stepped in to stop it. 

It’s unclear whether Crosby’s jockstrap streak is any more or less weird than any of the superstitions referenced above. But one thing’s for sure: as long as athletes play sports, they’ll have rituals they take part in to help them increase their chances of winning (in their minds, at least).