Nico Rosberg: Motorsports Needs to Help Downshift Climate Change

Nico Rosberg is racing against time. The former Formula 1 champion stepped away from the mounting industry pressures, including those involving being teammates with Lewis Hamilton, to focus on other pursuits. 

Like climate change.

Rosberg’s schedule remains booked.

Nico Rosberg: ‘It’s a big problem and motorsports can play a role as always in shifting the industry in the right direction’  

Founder of Greentech Festival, Rosberg is using his platform as an eco-entrepreneur to preach environmental reform to the masses. Before it’s too late. 

Rosberg is an investor in the electric Formula E championship and owner of an electric Extreme E series team. He is calling on additional motorsports personalities to join his race. Rosberg needs a boost in his promotion of green technology and the sustainability of our planet’s eco-systems. He was scheduled to attend the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, last November. 

In an interview with Reuters, Rosberg urged others to quicken their efforts. 

“The mobility industry is an extremely big emitter at the moment,” he said. “It’s a big problem and motorsports can play a role as always in shifting the industry in the right direction.” 

“If you have this race-to-road transfer of progress that’s perfect, that’s where motorsports has to be.” 

Rosberg’s goal is to help promote motorsports as a carbon-neutral sport 

Nico Rosberg follows his dad, Keke Rosberg, during a practice session for the 2016 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco on May 24, 2018, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco | Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Formula 1 announced the circuit established a goal of 2030 to deploy zero-carbon machines. Over the next several years, F1 also plans to introduce fully sustainable fuels and continue a ban of single-use plastic items. 

Williams Racing struggled to earn points on the track last season, placing eighth in the constructors’ standings with 23 points, but it was the first F1 organization to enlist in the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action program. 

Rosberg warns more action is needed for motorsports to become climate positive within the next decade. Before its too late.

“In 2030 maybe we’ll have synthetic fuels in the planes which Formula 1 will help develop,” Rosberg said. “I think there’s going to be huge progress, and hopefully, we’ll be able to really have a carbon-neutral sport.”

Ex-Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas now understands why Rosberg walked away from F1 pressure  

After spending five seasons as Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas better understands why Rosberg decided to retire just five days after capturing a hard-fought drivers’ title over Hamilton in 2016. Many have questioned the abrupt move since Rosberg announced his decision.

Not Bottas. Not anymore.

After becoming Mercedes teammates with Hamilton, Rosberg battled and fell short of F1 titles in 2014 and ’15 before finally breaking through. The race-to-race pressure became too much to handle for Rosberg. In his prime, he walked away to focus on things he considered more important.

Mercedes officials said they didn’t want another inter-garage rivalry so they brougnt in Bottas. For five years, Bottas toed the line. Now it’s George Russell’s turn.

“When I came to Mercedes, I wondered why Nico was quitting,” said Bottas, reported by PlanetF1. “But now I can identify with him. I can say from experience that it’s not easy.”

The pressure may have driven Rosberg into retirement, but he remains busy with more important work.

Like climate change.

Before its too late.

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